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Alternative Rock band from Italy, Turin, The BlackLava released their debut album titled "As Black As My Heart" in April 2018.

The band released their first EP in 2015 titled "Sweetmeat" and has since gained quite a bit of recognition. For their debut album "As Black As My Heart" the band collaborated with Matteo Clube from Raptor Studio, Dufrense & Fra Priolo from VIP Studio, (ex) Be The Wolf & A Line Before The Ocean for some recordings & guitar arrangements on the album. Fra Priolo later became a permanent member of the band.

What are our thoughts about "As Black As My Heart?"

The bands debut album is definitely an album worth listening to if you're a lover of classic 90s alternative rock n roll. With the power vocals from Karlo being enough to supply a power house, the electrifying guitar by Fra, and the fast paced Drums & Bass by Mark and Diego, this band is ready to take the world by storm. So, if you need to power your heart and soul with some good music, we definitely recommend checking out this album. Especially if you're after a band with groovy dress sense and want to get down with your lover.

How many skulls out of 10?

8/10 💀

The band also released a new video & an acoustic version of "I'm Gonna Leave You"

On September 6th The Blacklava are set to release a new single titled "Devil Inside Me" which will be followed by more shortly after.

Digitally stream & purchase "As Black As My Heart" by clicking here

Album Rankings:

1.) Waiting

2.) I'm In Love

3.) Bones

4.) Zombie

5.) I Was Lost

6.) Baby Don't Be Scared Tonight

7.) Come Over Me

8.) Break The Rules

What did you think about The Blacklavas debut album? Let us know in the comments below!

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