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We at Rock Lifestyle UK have been recently contacted by a few upcoming artists from Denmark and have been told something is going on over at Google HQ.

We asked one of the bands, Cryosphere who are an upcoming Melodic Metal band from Denmark and this is the story that they have told us:

"To start off with, KODA is the organisation that projects musicians in Denmark in terms of making sure copyright is taken care of, and they are making sure to keep our music safe while also making sure to get us musicians paid for the work we put out. That means they make sure to claim some money for us, when we get played at festivals, gigs, radios etc.

A few days ago, Google and KODA were trying to make a deal because Google think that the rate of which they are charging them is too much, and Google wanted to decrease that number by 70%. If you look at the charts:

this is not before the 70% decrease proposal. And as you can see they do not pay a lot compared to others. So after KODA said that was unfair, they didn't want to negotiate any further and just blocked everything that had some sort of KODA label on them, which is EVERY Danish band. So the videos and other stuff online that bands have put tons of money into cannot be promoted or shown on there anymore. And since YouTube almost has a monopoly as THE video platform, it harms us Danish bands in a horrible way in an industry that is hard enough already.

They try to flex on the smaller entity and that is just not okay by any circumstance!" - Cryosphere

Koda's Media Director, Kaare Struve, & CEO Gorm Arildsen, made a comment about the situation that is currently unfolding:

"Google have always taken an “our way or the highway” approach, but even for Google, this is a low point. Of course, Google know that they can create enormous frustration among our members by denying them access to YouTube – and among the many Danes who use YouTube every day. We can only suppose that by doing so, YouTube hope to be able to push through an agreement, one where they alone dictate all terms". - Kaare Struve

"It is no secret that our members have been very dissatisfied with the level of payment received for the use of their music on YouTube for many years now. And it’s no secret that we at Koda have actively advocated putting an end to the tech giants’ free-ride approach and underpayment for artistic content in connection with the EU’s new Copyright Directive. The fact that Google now demands that the payments due from them should be reduced by almost 70% in connection with a temporary contract extension seems quite bizarre". - Gorm Arildsen

Ever since the first agreement was signed in 2013, the level of payments received from YouTube has been significantly lower than the level of payment agreed to by subscription-based services.


YouTube's vicious attack on KODA & Danish Artists does not just affect the smaller artists, it is also apparent that some of Metallica's & Volbeat music on any Google platform has also been blocked from being viewed.

We all know that everything is a corporation war between gigantic companies such as Google, but the fact that YouTube has decided to just block artists content from being viewed all because they want to spend even less money is absolutely insane. Just taking a look at the statistics above you only need  229 streams on Spotify to earn $1 (or £0.77) and only 78 streams on Tidal to earn the same amount.

Spotify being one of, if not THE largest music streaming platform in the world being able to pay artists ever 229 streams & even the likes of Apple Music paying even more only requiring you to have 127 streams to earn $1 (or £0.77), surely Google are able to pay the artists on their platform more?

They're one of the biggest corporations in the world and in recent years have become more and more known not to really care about the majority of creators on their platform, but this is now impacting artists that put literally hundreds & even thousands into their music, and all because YouTube want to pay practically nothing, they're pretty much crushing peoples careers.

We ask you, our viewers to please share this article or even help raise awareness by talking about this on social media. Using #Google on Social Media to help boost your posts on sites such as Twitter & Instagram.

We at Rock Lifestyle UK will be contacting as many people as we possibly can to help get this information out there. Google must not be able to just push a button and destroy peoples careers, that's not how the world works. And the fact they're even able to affect the likes of Volbeat & Metallica is quite scary to even think about.

Please remember, Google isn't just YouTube, they have multiple different streaming services & are also the number 1 browser. So if they want something to disappear , they will make it happen. 

We appreciate any support you can bring to help raise awareness.

More information will be posted soon.

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