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Upcoming Punk Rock band from Budapest, The Hellfreaks, have risen from the depths of hell once again to bring us a brand new album titled "God On The Run". Release Date: 7th February 2020

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The new electrified album by The Hellfreaks will immediately want you craving more and more. So make sure you have your listening ears on, grab them headphones and be prepared to head bang and jump around to your hearts content.


Before we jump into our album ranking's, let's find out a little bit more about the band!

Who are the band members & what are their roles?

Lead Vocalist - Shakey Sue

Bass - Gabi Domján

Guitar - József Takács "Jozzy"

Drums - Béla Budai

"The Hellfreaks" formed in 2009 after lead vocalist, Shakey Sue, decided to abandon her drumsticks and pick up a microphone to use her powerful voice for the good of evil. Joining Sue was Guitarist József, together they recruited bassist Gabi and drummer Béla. From that point on, The Hellfreaks was born."

In 2009, the band won an prestigious award from the Program For National Contemporary Music Culture in Hungary. The band decided to invest their achievement into their first ever music video for their song "Boogieman" which passed over five million views on YouTube:

This soon became one of the most popular "Psychobilly" videos on the planet, however the band do not identify as Psychobilly, they're a punk rock band.

In 2010 the band released their debut album "Hell Sweet Hell" which was immediately successful. This allowed the band to travel to the likes of Australia, Birmingham, Alaska and of course their home in Budapest.

Two years later, the band would release their second album titled "Circus of Shame" signed with Longneck Records which also have bands such as Rampires and The Silver Shine signed to the label.

In 2014, the band split and had time to re-invent themselves creatively. Shake Sue returned to The Hellfreaks stronger than ever with a raging punk rock attitude. Since the reformation, The Hellfreaks have performed at locations such as the Ink 'n' Iron Festival in Long Beach, California and over the years released new music straying away from their Psychobilly routes to craft their own sound.

2020 has already marked another year that is set to continue the bands evolution. The release of "God On The Run" and their upcoming tour cycle will put it's official stamp on the new face of The Hellfreaks.

We have jumped into the blazing fire pits of hell & resurfaced to give you our rankings of The Hellfreaks latest album. So, let's get straight into it:

1.) Tabby

2.) Witches Heal

3.) Red Sky

4.) Clear Water

5.) Doldrum Dynasty

6.) Adrenalized

7.) Men in Gray

8.) Royal Blue

9.) As Above

10.) Hello Sea!

 Do you agree with our rankings? What's your favourite song from this album?

Let us know in the comments below!

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