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Danish Hard Rockers, The Killerhertz, released their a brand new EP titled "Innocent Sinners" on 29th May 2020 through NostGatesRecords.

You can listen to the new EP by clicking here

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What are our thoughts about "Innocent Sinners EP"?

On May 14th 2020 we reviewed the EP title single for the album, and said that it would definitely be worth the wait for the EP to be released. We 1000% stick by this, the new EP is incredible and has us singing along in every song. 

"Innocent Sinners" is an EP you should consider adding to your car playlist whilst blasting down the motorway, just be careful not to get to lost in the music (trust us, it's easy).

The Killerhertz have definitely mastered their craft and know exactly what they're doing and have developed their own unique sound. If you played a Killerhertz song you'd definitely know it's them just by the catchy beat, electrifying vocals & guitar. This EP showcases the bands abilities and we're totally blown away.

Covering a popular Danish track "Kom Tilbage nu" by Danseorkestret in 1985 is a risk they took, and it's certainly one that they've completely smashed out of the park. Don't believe us? Compare the tracks at the bottom of the article and let us know what you think.

This band is one to watch out for, if they continue the way that they're, they'll be on our radios & performing at our festivals in no time.

Our favourite song is "Innocent Sinners" but the other tracks on the EP are truly incredible, you MUST give it a listen, you will not regret it.

How many skulls out of 10? (Rating)

10/10 💀

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It's time for the good ol' fashioned track rankings:

1.) Innocent Sinner

2.) Foodchain Victim

This track is sadly not on YouTube, however it can be found on all streaming platforms.

3.) Kom Tilbage Nu

4.) III Addictive Romance


 Danseorkstret 1985 Version - 

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