What's new? October 2020

On Sunday 26th 2020 we updated some of our products on our store. 

The changes that we made required the store to be put under-maintenance to ensure no glitches occurred throughout your visit with us today.

Products updated:

Johnnie The Zombie 

Mother of Souls

Inner Madness

Day of Death

All of the products listed above have had some design changes made to them. We have removed our logo from the back of the products and added it to the inside label instead.

We did this because of the feedback we received when we put out our survey a few months ago. We know it can be slightly off putting walking around with a big logo on the back, so we made this change so you can feel comfortable when wearing one of our products.

Despite our website being available to visit right now, we may have further downtime on Monday 27th 2020 in the morning to update more of our products.

However, the updates will not have design changes, we're simply updating how our website looks & functions to make your experience with us easier. All product design changes have been completed, by this we mean the materials & prints on our products.

We are also looking at adding more products to our store and would love to know what you would like to see from us! 

You can do this by contacting us via email: RockLifestyleUK@gmail.com.

Thank You

- Rock Lifestyle UK

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