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Killjoys, it's time to make some noise as yesterday (October 31st 2019), My Chemical Romance (I cannot believe I am typing this) announced their first reunion show in 7 years. There have been many rumours over the years about reunion tours, new music & all sorts but we FINALLY have an official announcement from the band itself.

On Instagram, the band posted this after teasing all day on Instagram stories:



Today, we are going to discuss as to why My Chemical Romance is so important and why they're still such a MASSIVE impact on most of our lives today.

Please note, we are speaking from our personal experience of MCR and would love to know what your thoughts are about the reunion and what impact MCR has had on your life.

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My Chemical Romance first came onto the scene with their 2002 debut album "I brought you my bullets, you brought me your love", now this album isn't the album that made MCR explode into worldwide recognition and it only made it to 129 on the UK Albums Chart but did eventually achieve Gold. Their next album was titled "Like Phantoms Forever" which only featured 3 songs "Vampires will never hurt you", "This Is The Best Day Ever" and a live version of "Jack The Ripper".

The next album which was released in 2004 titled "Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge" which features songs "Helena", "The Ghost of You" and a huge hit "I'm not Okay (I Promise) which shot the band into stardom. However, although this is still a key album that we all look back on and can happily say 'This is a masterpiece', the bands true form didn't come until 2006.

This next album exploded the band to worldwide recognition, the band was already gaining traction from their previous album, but this truly was the peak of the bands career. This album, is held so close to our hearts as the impact it had on the community was absolutely huge. Even those that don't listen to rock music or may not have even heard of My Chemical Romance before, can instantly recognise at least 1 song from the album and will take them back to 2006.

So why does this album hold such a statement? Why did it make My Chemical Romance into one of the biggest rock bands on the planet?

Well, according to Gerard Way (Lead Vocalist of MCR), The Black Parade represents death. He told MTV in an interview that the album tells the story of a patient who dies of cancer at an early age. Gerard has also stated that "Death comes in the form of your most powerful memory" and the memory that he holds so dearly, is the parade that he went to with his father hence the title "The Black Parade". This is something that thousands if not millions of people can relate to.

Each song on the album features lyrics that we can all relate to in some way which is what makes this record so damn important. This connected millions of people across the world and is a staple in history. 

Before you say, but there are many bands that people can relate to and talk about death and other subjects, yes you're absolutely correct. However, MCR did it in such a way that allowed fans and even those that were not fans, to express the pain of loss & anger in such a different way, to a point where Gerard Way and his bands mates are playing characters to help express these feelings even more.

Gerard Way told Kerrang! Magazine yesterday, “The character I was during Black Parade was fun, In an entertaining way, there was this level of disdain you would have for your audience playing as The Black Parade but it was, to me, a healthy kind because you were just playing really. I thought that was a fun aspect of that character. There’s a lot of you in the character. I always saw the characters that I played as some aspect of myself turned up to 12.”

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The Black Parade album features so many amazing tracks, but here are the Top 5 songs from the album.

Welcome To The Black Parade

Famous Last Words



House of Wolves

To much disappointment to many fans across the world, The Black Parade was laid to rest in 2008 with the release of "The Black Parade Is Dead!" which is MCR's final performance as The Black Parade. This was released in both CD and DVD forms.

Now, you must be wondering. With The Black Parade dead, fans are disappointing. What on earth could My Chemical Romance bring now?

Welp, we soon found out in 2010 with the release of "Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys".

The world Killjoy may be one that you recognise. "Killjoy" is what MCR fans are called to this very day, and it is because of this album that the name was given.

This album was written to tell a story about the end of the world as 2012 was predicted as the worlds "Doomsday". The story of Danger Days was continued by Gerard Way as a comic book series, which was originally announced in 2009.

This album definitely lived up to all of our expectations from their previous record "The Black Parade".

Danger Days featured these Top 5 songs:


Look Alive Sunshine/ Na Na Na Na Na

Planetary Go!

The Kids From Yesterday.

The bands final album titled "Conventional Weapons" was the last album we would hear from My Chemical Romance. The band announced on March 22nd 2012 that they will be splitting. From that day on wards, March 22nd has been noted as "My Chemical Romance" day and every year thousands of fans share posts on social media to mark the anniversary.

To all of us MCR fans, the band and the music itself represents us all, we all have an emotional connection to both the band and there music as a whole, and the way they express it gives us all a way out. We are super happy about the reunion of MCR and we hope they bring the same passion they had all those years ago.

What are your thoughts about My Chemical Romance reunion? What is your favourite album and song from the band? Let us know by using #MCRReunion and tag us on social media.

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