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Author: Maria Perdersen

The rock/symphonic metal band from Waddinxveen, The Netherlands "Within Temptation" has released their new single "Entertain You".

Within temptation was formed in 1996, in Waddinxveen, The Netherlands.
In April 1997, they released their debut album "enter".
After that came their album "Mother earth" in 2003.

Today they have over 2.1 million likes on Facebook and 300.000 followers on Instagram.

Their latest album release is their album "resist" which was released in 2019.
Their music is something else, and the media proves it, as they describe it like "symphonic or gothic metal".

Band members of "Within temptation":
Sharon Den Adel - Vocalist
Stefan Helleblad - Guitarist
Ruud Adrianus Jolie - Lead guitar
Martijn Spierenburg - Keyboard
Mike Coolen - Drums
Jeroen Van Veen - Bass
Robert Westerholt - Guitar

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What is our thoughts on "entertain you" by Within Temptation?

The song "entertain you" by Within temptation, starts out pretty fast in the intro, theirs some speed on it, and it starts a bit rough. - which definitely isn't a bad thing.
The male vocalist in the beginning has this amazing deep voice, which is just mesmerising.
Then throw Lady vocalist - Sharon Den Adel in the mix, and you have this perfect combination of rough, and angelic, she has this beautiful deep undertone to her voice - which fits perfectly to their tunes and lyrics.

If you like metal with a twist in the right direction, and some beautiful voices, this band is something for you! Give it a go!

How many skulls out of 10 do we rate this single?

Tracking list of "resist":
The Rechoning
Endless War
Raise Your Banner
Holy Ground
In Vain
Mad World
Mery Mirror 10 | trophy Hunter

The band is due to set out on tour with legendary Rock Band, Evanescence in September on the "Worlds Collide Tour". 

 Let us know what you think about Within Temptations latest single below!

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