Remastered Reviews Yesterdays News

Melodic Punk Band from the Netherlands, Yesterdays News, released their brand new album on 6th November 2020.

You can stream the new album by clicking here

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Yesterdays News told us all about the new album:

"Remastered contains a variety of styles, but overall a good amount of melody. We've taken a lot of a global problem subjects like human rights and injustice (start a fire), the denial of climate change (status quo denial), people getting more lazy due to technology (Darwin was wrong) and a world that keeps getting faster and faster, for example, online shopping and everyone focusing on their job and time (one minute society) but we also have more personal matters like stepping out of your comfort zone (comfort zone) and having bad days where you don't want to do a single thing (procrastination)

Overall we like to pick subjects from which we think needs more attention in this world. Perhaps to make people more aware, or just break the taboo on it. That's a small step for a (for now) smaller band, but every step counts when it's in the right direction" - Yesterdays News

How many skulls out of 10?

6/10 💀

"For a small melodic punk band that are starting out, these guys are certainly on the right path. These guys are working towards their dream, and from what we've heard so far, with some little tweaks here and their, they'll soon be rocking out with thousands of people" - Rock Lifestyle Worldwide



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