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Rock Lifestyle UK is a music News & Merchandise company that is dedicated to supporting upcoming artists from around the world.

Our Story

Rock Lifestyle UK was created by Founder & Owner Scott O'Shea and was launched on March 1st 2019. The website was originally created to supply the latest Rock & Metal news as we found a lot of news sources where sharing false information and reporting things like fake deaths, announcements & rumours. The major one being reports of Ozzy Osbournes death in 2019, this not being the case.

Despite this being the original path that Rock Lifestyle UK was going to take, it was all changed once we was in contact with Edge of Paradise, which was the first ever band that we would interview on our platform. This opened an entirely different new different world for us and showed us that there was thousands of bands out there ready to share their talent with the world, but for some reason was not getting the spotlight they truly deserve.

We found even when these talented bands try to contact bigger companies, they was not being heard, mostly because these companies wouldn't get enough "clicks" or earn any money from talking about these bands.

Once we realised this, Rock Lifestyle UK had a new direction and we knew exactly what we wanted to do. We wanted to dedicate our company to supporting upcoming artists from all over the world, absolutely free and it doesn't matter how big of a following you have, we want to help you achieve a following, even if it is a few people as even a few people can give you motivation and the power to continue to create music.

We continued our journey from that point and have worked with, InVisions, The Astronots, Broken Empire, Killatrix, Dawn of Ashes, The Edge of Reason, Cryosphere and Walking Rumour, all of these bands are truly talented and express their own unique power and we are pushing ourselves to work with many more artists alike. 

In December 2019, Scott O'Shea partnered with Mason Jones and decided to take Rock Lifestyle UK to the next level and turn it into an official company. We took this step by officially representing the company in person, interviewing the band that introduced us into this world of talent, Edge of Paradise. We saw how much work & effort goes into putting on these shows and the energy it takes to make that personal connection with their fans. We owe a massive thank you to Edge of Paradise for giving us the opportunity, as well as to all the bands that we have worked with in the past & to those that we work with in the future.

In January 2020 we announced that we where working on Rock Lifestyle Clothing which we are proud to say is our very own Merchandise store. This is for us to provide exclusive designs to our audience, as well as helping bands promote themselves even further by selling their merchandise on our store.

The merchandise store is the way we keep our site running and is definitely the way we want to take Rock Lifestyle UK. Working with artists to come up with even more creative ideas whilst also giving them the opportunity to promote themselves & make a little bit extra to help them with their own costs.

We at Rock Lifestyle UK, to this day, is still proud to say we are dedicated to supporting upcoming artists from around the world and this will never change.

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