Who are the members of Fools for Kings?

Fools for Kings has 4 members, lead singer and rhythm guitarist Kieran Picken, bassist Daniel Callaghan, drummer Isaac Brady and lead guitarist Jordan Picken.

How & When did Fools for Kings form?

The band formed in 2016. We were all at school together and wanted to just start jamming for fun and then we tried to develop our own material recently.

Where was the first place Fools for Kings performed?

We played a local charity gig in Tunstall just doing some covers of our favourite bands. 

What inspired each of you to start music?

DC- Bands like Green Day with exciting and energetic music helped to escape stress around him and then that inspired him to pick up a bass.

Brady- The drums seemed cool to him and he used that to talk to other musicians and form a band!

Jordan- He wanted to be able to play something on the guitar and then his music taste started changing towards more rock and then wanting to form a band. 

Kieran- Hearing songs like Sweet Child O’ Mine inspired him to want to replicate that and learn the guitar, then singing followed from that as he loves playing acoustic stuff by himself as well as with the band. 

What inspired you to put together some new music together?

We’d been writing songs for some time and felt it was time to finally get some recorded. We try to make each song a different story yet maintain some similar themes throughout with this EP mainly covering thoughts of lies, betrayal and who you can trust. 

Will you be touring to support the new album? If so, when?

Right now circumstances don’t really support any live performances, but we hope to be able to take our new material out soon as we want to write songs that are great live. 

What is your song writing process?

We usually start with a riff or a melody and work from that point and improvise around it to see where we go. Then we will bring everyone together to add finishing pieces with lyrics the last thing that we write as it is the most difficult, whereas the music is much more natural to us. 

What’s your first thoughts when you get up on stage?

Maybe a few nerves but mainly excitement, it’s the best part of being in a band.

What is your most memorable moment from any live performances?

Probably covering a RATM song and seeing loads of metalheads suddenly come flooding in when DC started screaming. It was quite a bit heavier than our usual stuff. 

Describe the atmosphere when you’re performing

Mainly loud, we want to bring as much energy as we can.

What band would you like to perform with the most?

Probably Royal Blood, they’re the main inspiration.