Fox Violet


Fox Violet is a Folk Rock duo band based in Los Angeles, USA. 

Fox Violet blends ambient dream scapes with dark pop rock hooks and soulful vocals that pack a dissonant punch. Lyrics examine apathy, heart break, longing and our cultural obsession with fairy tales. With soaring layered psychedelic guitars and crunchy synths Fox Violet crafts bold stories that are ethereal, relatable and raw. Gritty, honest, FV is obsessed with dissonance and it’s navigation in every day relationships. - Fox Violet have been featured in BUZZ MUSIC, GET INTO THIS, and other music publications, as well as on 89.5 FM Australia as a buzz band to watch.

Band Members:

Thea Juliette (Vocals)

Julien Martre (Guitarist)

About Fox Violet

● How & When did Fox Violet form?
 Fox Violet used to go by another name ARSNK but the project has been around for a few years. It came about because ultimately I was more and more interested in exploring texture in sound and how this relates to the imagination. I want to create songs that really tap at your senses no matter what.. and that inspire dreamscapes. 

Where was the first place I performed?
The first time I sang was in a musical about age 12..I couldn't have been more terrified!

● What inspired me to start music? 
The real honesty in this was as a result to a trauma I went through, it really cracked me open to music in a new way. 
I use it as a therapeutic way to understand myself better, experiences that happen to me as well as explore deeper subjects like memory, loss and our subconscious. I don't think in a linear way and music best helps me reflect that. I want to look back at the world and see that I can really feel the sense of expression I felt at the time, it just helps me put it all together..

Latest  Fox Violet Album or Single release:
I just released the single Not Another Memory and you can listen at :

1. What’s the story behind the new song?
I am really fascinated by the different compartments in our minds where we keep memories and fantasy alive. How and are they really that different? How we in fact remember anything is shrouded in subjectivity. We remember things coated in a sense of emotion and that emotion might shift and ebb over time. I wanted to explore the difference between fact and fiction. It's also a cathartic exploration of how we process memories. We label them with whatever we want to in order understand them better, in order to process them, put them in a safe box for safe keeping, but what if that box broke down over time? In our memories we can talk to our past selves and ask ourselves questions as to why we went down a certain pathway... I am compelled by and most likely controlled by reflections on events that happen, do we remember them correctly or is it our own emotional retelling? Does it lead to any revelations or do we simply repeat the same patterns of behaviour? How we in fact process memory is also related to my own deep wondering on fate, and whether we in fact have any or we make our own.

2. What inspired you to put together the new single & what it is all about?
As a whole I wrote a collection of 3 new songs that I wanted to really feel like you were inside a dream, weaving in and out of it, that you were aware of, and were holding things up for examination from the inside. Moving like a wave. Do you think we can change our own dreams or they in fact change us later on based on how we remember them? I don't want to put any answers out, it's more about the question. I guess I feel like my dream life feels like a parallel existence which is also something else I'm fascinated by.

3. Will you be touring to support the new album? If so, when?
Only doing live sessions right now sadly which I took a big break from but I am trying to re-think how this might best be revisited..

4. What is your song writing process?
I'm not sure I really know or have one.. I know I just can't do anything if I don't have a compulsion. I need to have isolation of some kind, lately I have been feeling that I really do lean more towards melody first and that will trigger a word in me and allow me to delve deeper. I try not to judge the process. 

Live Performances
● What’s your first thoughts when you get up on stage?
Exhilaration. I have a slight terror that it will go ok, but I try to lean into this to play.

● Where was the first venue you played? 
With this project the iconic Viper Room! 

● What is your most memorable moment from any live performances?
I really love every single performance as it really teaches you something about yourself and the music you are creating, what connects, what doesn't. It is like a fresh start every single time to connect with people in different ways. It's both a challenge but also a great satisfaction, you don't really know what they are thinking in their heads as they listen. 
● What band would you like to perform with the most?
Radiohead! Nothing But Thieves I absolutely love too, their energy is infectious and their songs amazing,

● Will you be touring in the United Kingdom any time soon?
Unfortunately with the world as it is this is not possible for me right now, but I hope that things change. We all need to take a breath right now and pause whilst the world heals.