Who are the members of Liam Naughton & The Educators?

Hello, It’s Liam Naughton here from the award winning Liam Naughton &
the Educators so I’ll be answering the questions here today.

Liam Naughton song writer / rhythm guitar/ vocals
Laure Reece Drummer (The Educators Australia)
James Vinciullo Bass (The Educators Australia)
Cameron Hayes Lead Guitar (Global Member)
George Addison Atkinson Drummer  (The Educators UK)

How & When did The Educators form?
We are Liam Naughton & The Educators. I first got The Educators
together after my Cornerstone EP 2013. I worked on that EP just me and
producer Jerry Freedman of Jericho Music here is Perth. So I got the
band together to support that release. We’ve had a few changes to the
line up since that but since we recorded my Leaning in LP it been
quite a settled outfit with Lauren Reece (drums), James Vinciullo
(bass) and Cameron Hayes (lead guitar). When I went to London this
year to record Cut On a Cut, Cameron was there already so George
Addison Atkinson came on board playing drums. Matt Lepannen (The
Animal Farm Label) producer of Cut On A Cut played bass

Where was the first place Liam Naughton & The Educators performed?
Mojos in Fremantle Western Australia. A proper grass roots music venue
in WA. It’s a small venue but a real stalwart of the Perth original
music scene. It’s just got a lot of dingy character traits,
memorabilia all over the joint, shitty toilet, stinks of herb… it’s
got the good shit going on.

What inspired each of you to start music?
Musically, my get of my arse moment was when Danny Murphy hit the play
button on Harvest Moon in the background at work. When it finished I
asked “Can you play that again?”. I thought it was brilliant, the way
Neil Young put down his lyrics. After years of bull shitting myself I
bought a guitar and practised 4 hours a night, 6 hours on weekends for
6 months straight. I started writing soon after I moved from Ireland
to Perth Australia in 2004. I was very disciplined about it too,
choosing to stay in and focus on that rather than going out on the
sauce or lazing it in the couch. I had to be disciplined too cause I
really liked the other options as well. It was a pretty prolific
writing time for me. I really loved working the words and packing
things up neat and tidy. I was very critical of myself but I knew when
it was a finished piece. I took my songs to open mic nights and bit by
bit got more comfortable with playing live. It’s tricky to sing into a
mic when you’re trying to find the fret board.  I’d love to have had
some vids of those early performances cause I was really shit but
really determined.  It took me until 2006 before I got the balls to go
to a studio. I went to Jerry Freedmans studio, ‘Jericho Music’ in
Perth after seeing an advertisement ‘ARE YOU READY FOR LONDON’. I
thought, course I’m not, but that sounds like the place. When I got
there I was so nervous sitting down in the quietness of his studio
with my guitar and playing a track one on one. I thought I was in
confession. I left 2 days later with my first finished song. That was
it, in my mind, I was doing in now, properly going for it, officially
at the start of my recording career!!

1.      What’s the story behind the new release?
So Cut On A Cut has just been released. Why Cut On A Cut? I had
released my second record Leaning In independently in Australia and
I’d decided to go to London for a year to try my hat at the music
scene over there. I got in touch with The Animal Farm and sent them a
couple of songs from Leaning In; think it was Life In Technicolour and
Party Words. So as much as they liked them, Ville felt that the sound
wasn’t up to it and the production needed to be tweaked or else the
tastemakers would pass me over. So the idea was to redo some of the
songs and package them up into 2 EP releases. Cut On A Cut being the
first release. So it’s the second cut of Leaning In material, hence
Cut On A Cut. The album artwork looks a bit dark and  it’s probably
cause I wasn’t into redoing things but I decided to listen to the
experts too. No man is an island!

2.      What inspired you to put together a new album & what it is all about?
I guess there isn’t any one single theme in Cut On A Cut. Party Words
is about the 4 seasons of a party. I put a music video together for it
at home with some finger puppets I bought from IKEA during the Covid
lockdown. It’s great working with puppets, they do exactly as they’re
told. Mother Nature is about getting back to nature and saying fuck
you to the man. Promise Cross Your Heart is about never letting go of
what you promised you were going to be. Life In Technicolour and
Bipolar are quite dark mental illness songs. Stupid Questions is about
a mate of mind who got taken by the bottle and Where The Chips Fall is
about how a relationship failed between 2 people who still really
liked each other.

3.      Will you be touring to support the new album? If so, when?
Oh I’d great plans for 2020. 2020 was going to be my year. I could
feel it. What could possibly go wrong??. I’d taken a year off my day
job to go to London and do all these awesome things. Meet all these
great musicians and live the life I always wanted even if it was just
for a year. Who knows something cold come out of it, I’m on the
board!! I’d get a record out and I’d all these shows lined up in
Ireland and UK. It’s happening, it’s really happening I thought….no,
it’s not Liam, suckka…BOOM!!!! Covid-19 hit the shelves before we did.
One in a hundred year event and just so happened that’s the year I
chose. In there lies a cruel irony. But fuck it, my plans aren’t the
only plans that got binned in 2020. Still got my health. George was
struck down by it, had to go to hospital and everything but he got
thru it; and he’s a young dude. Serious stuff mate. So with the music
scene grinding to a halt, and I held out hope for as long as I could
but the writing was on the wall. As much as I didn’t care to read it
first, after a while there was no denying it. 5 weeks sitting in my
room drinking myself to death, I’d no choice. I had to bail on that
idea, grab my parachute and head back to Australia. What a strange
time eh. We finished off the record with an international
collaboration between Australia and London so the trip wasn’t a dead

4. What is your song writing process?
Sit down with my sometimes friend / sometimes enemy Mr Acoustic
Guitar. Wrestle with him, grab him by the throat and force him to the
ground until he gives me something that I like, something fresh and
interesting. Then I play him over and over and over and over until he
makes perfect sense and drags a lyric out of me that I can develop
into something that makes him and me good friends again…..until the
next time we sit down again (and have a chat)

Live Performances

What’s your first thoughts when you get up on stage?
Get up there and fucking smash it out and give the fans value for
money whether you’re feeling it or not. Be a professional but have

Where was the first venue you played?
We first played in Mojos bar in Fremantle WA.

What is your most memorable moment from any live performances?
This moment is memorable for its fuck ups. We toured Western Australia
one time, and were pinned in to play at The Nannup Music Festival. We
had a last minute fill in bass player for that gig and nobody really
knew too much about him. Bit of a risk but we were desperat. It was
the last day of the festival and we were all celebrating and very
fucking pissed. My tuner has also crapped out on me that morning so I
bought a new one and wasn’t really paying too much attention when I
bought it. Should have read the label. The show started and we sounded
shit. What the fuck, it was my guitar. Turned out the tuner I bought
was for a trumpet and that’s why it wasn’t sitting properly on the
guitar neck so my tuning was all over the place. Anyway I borrowed
this Bass dudes tuner, got sorted and we started again. The crowd were
getting a bit agro at this stage. What else could go wrong? Next
minute, the cops turned up and stopped the show cause this fill in
bass dude hadn’t payed a whole heap of fines and turned out he was on
arrest warrant. Yeah, that was a bit of a disaster

Describe the atmosphere when you’re performing
We’ve played over a 100 shows. I’ve started getting chattier between
songs, engaging with the
audience more and I like a joke. But yeah, me thinks there’s something
in there for everyone. The band sounds great and are really digging
the show. You won’t feel short changed unless you thought you were
going to a strip show

What band would you like to perform with the most?
I’m memorised by John Fruciante and his life story so whoever’s he’s
playing with at the time

Will you be touring in the United Kingdom any time soon?
Australian borders are closed right now with the Covid-19 so it’s hard
to plan any overseas trips until all that settles down. So as much as
I’d like to get over there and play for you guys, it’s a waiting game
right now unfortunately. But soon as it all settles down, for sure
I’ll be over there in a flash.