Formed in 2018 in York, Miles and the Chain Gang are fresh to the block but they're definitely not amateurs when it comes to Rock n Roll.

Band Members:

Miles Salter (Vocals/Guitar)

Tim Bruce (Bass)

Billy Hickling (Drums)

Alan Dawson (Guitar)


Written Interview:

About Miles and The Chain Gang

● Who are the members of Miles and the Chain Gang? 

The band comprises of - Miles Salter (vocals / guitar), Tim Bruce (bass), Billy Hickling (drums) and Alan Dawson (guitar).

● How & When did your band form? 

We formed in September 2018 in York. We met through some strange coincidences and started playing with songs and ideas.

● Where was the first place you performed with the Chain Gang and what was the show like? 

First gig was February 2019 at The Crescent in York. It was okay. Maybe a bit rough around the edges. When we went back there in December of the same year we were better!

● What inspired each of you to start music? 

Miles: for me, it was 80s pop, a bit of Bryan Adams, then Bob Dylan and U2 and Thin Lizzy.  Billy used to jam to records by The Police. Tim played in a party band that went all over Europe. 

Latest [Band Name] Album or Single release: 

1. What’s the story behind the new song 'When It Comes To You'?

I wrote it about somebody I was into. Unrequited love, always a good source of frustration. The song is like 'I'm into you, but you're not that bothered.' So many love songs are written like that. It's rare for it to be 'we are blissfully in love'. There is usually a complication! 'I'm into you but you don't care.' 'I'm into you but you cheated on me.' 'I'm into you but you're living in Bognor Regis.' (Etc).

2. What inspired you to put together a new video for the single and what was the theme when you began filming?

We just wanted something we could show people. It's a calling card, really. You need video these days. Everybody expects it. So I was like 'we need a video'. I wanted it to show as a bunch of guys that like a laugh. That was the concept, if you can call it that. After the video went online we had a few bookings. Then the virus hit! Rats!

3. Will you be touring to support the next release, and if so, when?

Do you know what, I would love to tour. It would be such a blast. But at the moment, it's impossible to say. I think the live music industry could take a couple of years to fully recover from the impact of the virus, and while that is happening it could close down some venues. For now, we're going to focus on new songs, recording them and getting videos online.

4. What is your song writing process with the Chain Gang? 

I tend to write the song structures and take them to Billy and Tim, but we are starting to explore other ways of writing. Billy's really good at coming up with different rhythms and patterns, so we could work with those. I joked recently we'll be North Yorkshire's Talking Heads.

Live Performances 

● What’s your first thoughts when you get up on stage? 

First thought: I'm scared. Second thought: let it rock!

● Where was the first venue you played in any capacity? 

Thirty one years ago, in 1989, I played my school hall with a band called Waj. I played one gig with them, as the vocalist. The audience shouted abuse. I enjoyed it.

● What is your most memorable moment from any live performances with The Chain Gang? 

We played a tiny pub gig in September 2019 and we really got the audience involved, singing along, a bit of banter. Afterwards, Tim was like 'we can really make this work, that was big step up.' That was a cool moment.

● Describe the atmosphere when you’re performing

Just a lot of fun, a lot of energy. We really want to take the audience with us. Plus, a dose of emotion. Sing your bloody heart out! Music is cathartic.

● What band would you like to perform with the most currently active? 

I'd like us to support Van Morrison. Or Del Amitri. That would be a blast!

● Will you be playing any gigs outside of York any time soon? 

I wish! As soon as the music scene recovers, we will be booking gigs.

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