Since the release of their first EP “Distance” in 2017, Myosotis from Hamburg have not slowed down and create an atmosphere that is truly unique. Myosotis – completed by vocalists Kilian Harrsen and Timo Hazerli, guitarists Max Maeder and Calvin Roesicke, bassist Thomas Grigo and drummer Julian Seiler started the Band with the main objective to help people overcome depression and anxiety. The band comes from a background filled with individual difficulties and understands the increasing fear of being isolated. Their fans travel from all over the country to spend time with them and exchange thoughts that no one else would like to listen to. "No one is alone - No one is forgotten".

They combine Progressive Metal with Metalcore-elements and dark, almost goth-melodies to create a dialog with their listeners. Myosotis have emerged with a refreshing, diverse and thoughtful songwriting and continue to surprise their fans with every new release. After breathtaking live performances, Tours throughout Europe, support slots alongside heavyweights including First Blood, Wolf Down, Tell You What Now, Awake The Dreamer, etc. and the mind-blowing reception to their 2018 EP “Evosia”, the six-piece bunkered down to craft new material and define an entirely new concept to the Heavy community and the expectant local scene. By the end of 2019 they´re back: stronger, heavier and even more diverse than ever before to mark their next assault on the scene.

Band Members as of August 2020:

Timo Hazerli - Vocals

Kilian Harrsen - Vocals

Max Mäder - Guitar

Calvin Rösicke - Guitar

Julian Seiler – Drums


How & When did Myosotis form? 

On March 23rd 2017 was our first rehearsal as the band Myosotis and since then we're playing in this constellation. Before, Kilian was searching on different kinds of platforms for musicians who wanted to join a modern metalcore band. Me (Timo) as an example were just answering to an advertisement he put on, I think it was backstagepro but don't know exactly anymore, hehe....

Where was the first place Myosotis performed? 

The first gig was at Rock am Berg-festival / Merkers on June 16th 2017. Yeah, it was only 3 month after we were formed but hey, no risk no fun. We were performing a 30 minute set and pushed ourselves to the limit, hehe. The Energy within the band was insane, like we were playing together since a couple of years...just magical :-)

What inspired each of you to start music? 

For me it was Joey Jordsion to start with playing drums. But our families had a big influence of which instrument we'd learned, too. In the end I think we all just wanted to get our heads out of the everyday-teenager's thoughts.

Latest Myosotis Album or Single release:

What’s the story behind the new song? 

Well, nearly anybody got somehow a "demon" or more "demons" in itself. "What if..." is not about fighting those demons but accepting that they're a part of your personality.  So instead of getting weaker by changing and denying your behaviour, try to accept yourself like the way you are and get stronger till the final end...

What inspired you to put together a new single & what it is all about? 

After our 2. EP "EVOSIA" we knew that this was definitely not the end. We wanted more. More depth, a better sound, just something to blow others minds. We have a lot more stuff to release and it will come within the next half year but also in 2021...

Will you be touring to support the new Song? If so, when? 

A tour will come, but in times of COVID-19 it's quite hard to get at least some gigs. At last you need to do your best and try to challenge with those things, too.

What is your song writing process? 

Song by song it's quite different. Mostly Max is writing small parts, sometimes a whole song. This file will be send to me as one of the vocalists and I'm about to build a rough vocal structure. Where to put cleans, where to put shouts etc. Then it will be played at the rehearsal and we discuss the song with its first impression. What part doesn't fit in the context and so on...but as I mentioned before, this is only one way! Often it's just about what you feel. Maybe its just a riff or a chorus line what brings the thunder and then it keeps rolling.

Live Performances

What’s your first thoughts when you get up on stage? 

Really often the first song is completely, let`s say mindless, just doing what I feel. Then I want to recognize how the audience react and if there's a small group of people who want to dance but they're to shy to do so, haha. At this point I try to go even more crazy (of course without losing the performance..;-)).Why? In my opinion the more insane I perform the better the audience can relax and lose the shy. It's just a theory but till now it works quite good, haha!

Where was the first venue you played? 

As mentioned before "Rock am Berg" was or first performance, but our first venue was the "Gruenspan" in Hamburg.

What is your most memorable moment from any live performances? 

Leading a crazy "sirtaki-circle-moshpit" during the end of a song at the end of our Europe Tour.

Describe the atmosphere when you’re performing 

I would call it friendly, controlled insanity. Some people go totally crazy, some people just enjoy the music. With each song we try to create a zone for the people but for ourselves as well. In the end we always look into a lot of smiling faces, us included.

What band would you like to perform with the most? 

I know two of us, minimum would love to support Slipknot or Parkway drive. But a band like Architects or Periphery would be totally sick, too!

Will you be touring in the United Kingdom any time soon?

We definitely want to! If we wouldn't visit our neighbours in the north we have to be ashamed, but when it will happen isn't clear yet! Hopefully 2021!