• Who are the members of Perséide?

Julien (Vocals, rhythm guitar), Adrien (lead guitar), Anthony (drums) and Guillaume (bass), four childhood friends that wanted to form a rock band together.

  • How & When did Perséide form?

Julien: Everything started in 2001 when we were in high school. We were passionate about metal music. The feeling it gave us made us want to create our own band. It was almost 20 years ago and the passion is still the same!

  • Where was the first place Perséide performed?

The band was just formed when someone from our acquaintances proposed us to play live for a local event in our hometown, in 2001. We didn’t have any live experience but this first time on stage taught us that it needed a lot of fun to perform a good live show!

  • What inspired each of you to start music?

We started making music together and I can’t think of myself playing music without the band. When we were teenagers, we loved imitating our favorite bands and imagining ourselves on stage like our idols. Song writing allowed us to give a positive message to the audience. In general, music represents pure energy sharing between ourselves as friends, and with the audience.


Latest Perséide Album or Single release:

  • What’s the story behind the new song?

Our new song is called “Siren In The Distance” and it deals with the feeling of fake reality that you can encounter when you’re high or locked in the prison of social medias… You can crave for more as far as possible, but the siren of reality will always sound in the distance… We share the message that happiness is possible to find in real life without fighting useless struggles.

  • What inspired you to put together a new album & what it is all about?

We really had a special path as a music band… Everything started really quick when we started to play together. We recorded two EP’s in 2010 and 2011. But soon after, life did his job and we had to decrease the band’s activities due to our personal lives… Almost ten years later, when life gave us the time to reunite each other to live our passion again, we decided to record our first album: “The Only Thing”. This album is a declaration of love to rock music: it is about the difficulties you can face in every day’s life and a positive way of dealing with them.

  • Will you be touring to support the new album? If so, when?

The next show will take place to celebrate the release of the album, November 7th 2020 in the CCO, Lyon, France. Then, we hope that the coronavirus crisis will allow us to book some great gigs with bands we love!

  • What is your song writing process?

Adrien (lead guitar) and I start with a pre-established framework that we propose to the other musicians. Then, they make musical arrangements to fit to everyone taste and we play the song in rehearsal and then we play it live. If the song pleases the audience, we keep the final version for recording and drop it right to your ears!


Live Performances

  • What’s your first thoughts when you get up on stage?

We really hope that Guillaume will play accurately tuned notes on his bass!!! ^^ All joking aside, we all focus to give the audience the funniest and most intense show possible. Live performances are made to enjoy and we really aim for sharing energy with people as much as we can.

  • Where was the first venue you played?

The band was formed since a few months when we had the chance to play live in our hometown. We had to sound check in front of the audience and I had to sing acapella! I had to assume my voice and I learned to share music with more than a song, but with all the physical energy that I could give!

  • What is your most memorable moment from any live performances?

We have a lot of awesome memories but I think the best one is a set of shows that we have played during a mini-tour in the US in summer 2011. Those were little shows with small audiences, but we were all together in this incredible country and we met many crazy people.

  • Describe the atmosphere when you’re performing

All that we want for our listeners is to enjoy. To feel free to love the music as we love it. In a day of your life, you can be happy, sad, angry or crazy. The best way to live these emotions is to let them flow through you and to express them without holding back… That’s what we want to share with our live shows: you can be all these things at once and the music helps us to escape; even for the time of a concert. Living and sharing this with our listeners to make them live these emotions with us to feel better is the more important thing for us.

  • What band would you like to perform with the most?

Without hesitation, we would like to share the stage with the bands that had influenced us the most: Enter Shikari, The Used, In Flames…

  • Will you be touring in the United Kingdom any time soon?

We really hope so; we are waiting for your invitation!!! ☺