Who are the members of Sondag?

Hello guys! Marcello from Søndag here, nice to meet you!

This is our current line up:

Riccardo Demarosi (Vocals, Bass Guitars)

Marcello Lega (Backing vocals, Guitars)

Marco Benedetti (Guitars)

Riccardo Lovotti (Drums)

How & When did Sondag form?

We started Søndag back in 2014, after breaking up our previous band ”Edema”.

Edema was an extreme metal band formed by more than half of Søndag’s line up, after

many years of activity we decided to close the project and open the Søndag chapter.

With Søndag we wanted to create a unique sound lead by a “low-tuned” string section

(8 strings, bass VI guitars), shifting the extreme metal sound to a more rock one

compared to Edema.

With almost 6 years of activity now, we released 2 Full lengths, 1 Ep and 3 singles, promoting them with many European tours.

Where was the first place Sondag performed?

Our first live show was in place called “sound bonico” here in our hometown Piacenza back in 2016.

Unfortunately that venue isn’t active anymore.. that’s really unfortunate, because it was a special place were many local and international acts have played. 

What inspired each of you to start music?

Well, I can speak for myself:

Since when I’ve listened to the first cassettes / cd’s back in my adolescence, I knew I would have created my own band.

I approached the guitar when I was 13 years old, and I’ve never stopped playing it.

The passion that droves every single one of us to keep playing is way more stronger than all the difficulties and the obstacles that life throwns at you every single day.

What’s the story behind the new song?

“Titans” came up in a very tense moment for us.

In these hard times we’ve seen that the social medias became (once again) a place where everyone poured out his fears and anger lead by a huge wave of misinformation.

The concept behind our last single lies upon these very moments in time, and when we say “we are the titans of nothing”, we really mean that everyone seems to have the truth in their pockets, but reality is another thing.

You can check out ”Titans” here:

What inspired you to put together a new single & what it is all about?

We simply felt that the time to write a song like "titans" had come.

As mentioned before, those months were (and still are) a disaster in terms of human relationships on social networks, obviously as well as from a health point of view… we wanted to have our say in a different way, so we wrote a song!

Will you be touring to support the new album? If so, when?

Needless to say that touring is one of the things we miss the most, but unfortunately (here in Italy &  Europe) there are a lot of problems with live gigs right now because of covid restrictions, so we think it’s best to wait before things will get a little better.

What is your song writing process?

Our writing process is something we actually can’t predict; songs simply flow out of our minds in the most weird moments.

Just think that the riffs of  “Trendsetter” (our last single before Titans) came to me when i was driving back home late at night after work.

In order to write them down, I had to pull over and “sing” them on my smartphone recorder.. otherwise (since I’ve got a really bad memory) they would have simply fade away after a few minutes.

After that “moment of inspiration” usually me and Riccardo meet at his place to write down all the stuff on a pro tools session in order to purpose it to the rest of the band at the rehearsals.

What’s your first thoughts when you get up on stage?

I’m always anxious, doesn’t matter if I play in front of 1 or 1000 people.

But then, after the first note flows out of my instrument, the trip begins and all the anxiety drifts away!

Where was the first venue you played?

First time I’ve ever played on a stage was back in 2004 here in Piacenza in a place called “Madhouse”.

It was a band contest, I still remember it.. fantastic times!

What is your most memorable moment from any live performances?

The first international tour I’ve ever had was back in 2006 with our previous band (Edema).

I remember quite every gig of that tour: fantastic places, great road trip with my band mates, packed venues.. great times!

Describe the atmosphere when you’re performing

We’d like to think that our sound is something pretty unusual: the “low-tuned” riffs wall create a unique sound, that mixed with the groovy drum patterns makes a really heavy atmosphere.

The vocals and the synths gives that “trippy” taste to the performance which makes our sound actually.. what it is

What band would you like to perform with the most?

Definitely Deftones, Bring me the horizon or Nine inch nails.

Will you be touring in the United Kingdom any time soon?

We already did, back in 2017.. it was an awesome experience!! 

Hopefully, when this whole pandemic thing will be over, we’ll come back in the UK.

Thank you so much for giving this space to us, we really appreciated it!

Take a look to our last single ”Titans” here:

And be sure to check out our social medias too:

Thanks again guys!

Take care,