Who are the members of Superlung?


Zimmy – Vocals

Elvis – Guitar, Backing Vocals

Boon – Guitar

Forrest – Bass

MQ - Drums

How & When did Superlung form?

Forrest  (Bass) and Zimmy (Vocals) were in the US Navy in the early 90’s stationed in Palau, Sardinia – Italy. They played in a band together called Pushrod, they always said that when they got out they wanted to start a band back in the US. Fast forward 20 odd years and in late 2018, they decided to start a band. Recruiting Ryan McKeown (Drums), Jeremy Buendorf (Guitars), and Bret Pedersen (Guitars, Backing Vocals) SuperLung was formed. All in all, most of us have played in bands together for around 25 years

Where was the first place Superlung performed?

The What’s Up Lounge – Mankato, MN

What inspired each of you to start music?

It is different for all of us, however, somewhere along the line, we all had the moment that made us realize this is what we want to do. Like when you hear that song that makes you drop everything you're doing and makes the hair stand up on your arms. I used to write poetry and one day my friend said that he played guitar and I should try to put my poetry to his riffs. After we realized that the songs were pretty good, we did it on a regular basis and added musicians and eventually formed a band. Of course MTV, when they used to play videos back in the 80’s was a huge inspiration too, seeing these rock stars with the sex , drugs, and rock n roll, who would not want to do this!! 

What’s the story behind the new song?

Our newest song it titled “The Crossroad”

It is written about a bad day turning into multiple bad days and just how to come out or get out of that funk. 

What inspired you to put together a new album or single & what it is all about?

We currently are writing for a yet untitled album for release in 2021 sometime. The album will delve in many different topics and feels, from the song “Destined To Rise” about the passing of Zimmy’s Father and his continuing stuggles with it, to the song “Deal” which talks about society and the continued unravelling of values tied to it. 

Will you be touring to support the new album? If so, when?

We will play out for this album once it comes out, but with the COVID crisis, it is yet to be determined. We, like many other bands, have had to cancel all our remaining 2020 dates, and look to the uncertain future, so we are playing it by ear. 

What is your song writing process?

We all write riffs at home and share them via text or email so we can all add to them. By the time we get to rehearsal, we have a blueprint for the song and work on final structure. Then we write lyrics for the song which will equal a finished product usually. 

What’s your first thoughts when you get up on stage?

We are pretty stoked and want to start the show off with a bang, hoping we can engage the crowd, that will determine how the rest of the show goes normally.

Where was the first venue you played?

The What’s Up Lounge in our hometown of Mankato, MN. Small club where 250 is a sell out, very historic however, lots of bigger bands rolled through the club in their beginnings.

What is your most memorable moment from any live performances?

I think when we played live on the radio station Rock 95 to raise money for our disabled veterans. We played Destined to Rise about Zimmy’s dad and everyone kind of got choked up a bit. We can all relate to loss, especially with a parent, and how that void never gets filled.

Describe the atmosphere when you’re performing

We love to have fun, we want the crowd engaged, Zimmy will crack a ton of jokes and include the crowds reactions, then we will rock out a few songs, and go back to having fun. Fans are most important piece in music to us, we love them and want them to feel like family because they are all our family!

What band would you like to perform with the most?

It is hard to nail down just one so here are a few: Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Deftones, 311, Red Hot Chilli Peppers just to name a few.

Will you be touring in the United Kingdom any time soon?

Right now we are just hopeful that all bands around the globe will be able to get back to performing and God willing the COVID crisis will be over soon to get some normalcy. If we ever do get to come to the UK, you can bet your ass we will be there, some of the greatest rock bands and fans hail there and we would be honoured to be able to perform there!!