Tara Who?

Tara Who? Is a band formed in 2006 by Tarah G and Coralie Hervé who have been labelled by Gig Radar UK as a "fascinating flash back to 90s rock with anthemic singalong choruses and a raw, grungey edge" and that "They aren't afraid to do their own thing with their unique brand of intense, engaging rock".

Which of course, we 100% agree with. Tarah Who? will travel you back in time just like Marty did with Dr. Emmet Brown in Back To The Future and these girls are doing just that. Bringing the past back into the present, and they're killin' it!

Band Members:

Tarah G. Carpenter: Vocals & Guitar

Coralie Hervé: Drums & Background Vocals



About Tarah Who? 
● Who are the members of Tarah Who?
CH : My name is Coralie aka Coco, I'm the drummer of Tarah Who?
TGC: Hi! my name is Tarah. I am the lead singer and guitar player. 
● How & When did Tarah Who? form?
TGC: I started the project back in 2006. Coralie has joined the band... about 2 years ago now? I think? If not more? 
● Where was the first place Tarah Who? performed? 
TGC: When I started performing, I was a solo acoustic act. I was just trying the scene of Los Angeles out. After a year or so playing bars, a producer got in touch with me through myspace. I had made demos of the songs playing all of the instruments. He offered to help out making it sound pro. It was my first time working in studios and working with a producer for my songs.
I had played in bands before but I would be the drummer or the bass player. We had recorded but as a band. It was my first time making all of the executive decisions.So my first time playing for Tarah Who? ever was in 2006 at a warehouse. My first time as a band was in Paris with musicians EDuardo Palacio on the drums and Rodrigo Santoyo Moreleon as a bass player. 
● What inspired each of you to start music?
CH : I don’t really remember but my grandparents offered me a kid drum set when I was 5 and I begin to play at 10. I took it really seriously when I was in high school.
TGC: Yeah I don't really know either. I knew I wanted to play the drum and the bass so I did that and I had a couple projects. On the side I started writing songs but I never intended to be the front woman, sing or even play the guitar. After trying a few people out, I realised that no one really could tell my stories because they are too personal. So I started singing.
About "Panthomath"
1. What’s the story behind the new song?
TGC: We have released 'Pantomath' the single a couple months ago but the music video is coming out at the end of the month! (finally;)  ) Covid made it a little difficult on us. :) 
'Pantomath' is a light punk rock song. Women supporting Women kind of energy. It talks about mansplaining and the idea of success. Fighting your fears, finding and being surrounded by people who support you.
I was talking to another musician and we were not agreeing on the idea (individual idea) of success. He was not understanding why "everyone" was not doing what he was doing and it was obvious to him that what he was doing for the success of his music was the best thing to do.
I told him that luckily we don't want all the same path for our music and we don't all define success the same way. Finally I asked him " If there was one sort of formula to make you a big star, would you want to know it? or would you stay where you are now to make things happen and follow your path?" That is how 'Pantomath' was born.
2. Any new music?
TGC: I am working on a new EP at the moment actually. With Covid, it has been harder to work on it with Coralie, but we are really good at working together and sending each other tracks and ideas. It's a bit different but we are excited about the result. We are going to record with Jason Orme, per the usual :) I have just finished putting together a music studio so I don't know yet if we are going to record there or go to Jason's but it will be really excited to get back to the studio. 
3. Will you be touring to support the new album? If so, when?
TGC: For sure, always. Our tour has been post-poned due to Covid so we are going to do this tour first, then the East Coast as planned, and we had a few dates in Europe as well. So as soon as we can tour again, we will be getting ready to go on the road for a while. 
4. What is your song writing process?
CH : Tarah wrote the demos by herself and send them to me afterwards. The demos give me an idea of the groove and the feel of each song that Tarah wants and I add my own thing which is pretty cool.
TGC: Yeah pretty much. I write the music and the lyrics and because Coralie has a way better technique on the drums than I do. I keep ideas in the back of my head and then tell her " Here you hear this but I actually want to play this" and then she does it! AMAZING! Coralie also sometimes comes up with new ideas and it is always interesting to see what she comes up with. We work really well together. No ego.. ;) 
Live Performances
● What’s your first thoughts when you get up on stage?
CH : I’m always nervous before going on stage but once the first note begins I’m in my element.
TGC: " Do I need to pee?" I am not even kidding.. There is nothing worse than going up on stage and realising that you need to pee. I scream a lot, and I can't scream well when I need to pee :) hahah! During one of our shows while on tour with Yur mum, I had to go to the bathroom. I asked Anelise (bass,vocals Yur Mum) to come on stage to play the big drum that we use, during the instrumental and to entertain basically. I got off stage, used the bathroom and came back up. I just could not hold it !
● Where was the first venue you played?
TGC: The very first ever, playing drums, bass or guitar was in Paris but which venue exactly I don't remember. Since Coralie is in the band.. I don't remember actually... We have played SO many venues! I don't remember which was the first with Coralie ...
● What is your most memorable moment from any live performances? 
TGC: That's a hard question. We have a lot of great moments with the audience or just really good shows where Coralie and i feel good ( which means we can hear ourselves and each other and the vibe is cool, staff is nice and we have a nice show all around) One of those great evenings was at the last Mausi Sugar Mill in Tarzane. Small dive bar but it was packed. Great sound, all the bands were super cool. It as a really really cool show! 
● Describe the atmosphere when you’re performing
CH : The atmosphere changes every time depending of the audience in my opinion, you can really feel the energy of people when you play.
TGC: Yeah I agree. It really isn't about the venue. The crowd makes the difference. You can play in a living room, where there is nothing, no stage, but an amazing, responsive audience and have the best night in your life. We have played really good stages with all of the live equipment but the staff is not cool, or the audience is not there for you and that can suck !
● What band would you like to perform with the most?
CH : Nightwish for sure, they are my favorite band !!!
TGC: My dream tour would be with our friends Yur Mum from the UK and Bala from Spain. We are all duos and all women fronted loud rock.
● Will you be touring in the United Kingdom any time soon?
TGC: Yes! As a matter of fact, I love playing the UK. So we will play anytime we travel to Europe. We have really good friends there as well so it is pretty easy for us to come out and rock out! You guys are amazing! 



On September 6th 2019, Tarah Who? began to upload a documentary all about the band and it's quite interesting to watch. We definitely recommend that you check it out: