Tradmarkd is a Rock Band from North East Scotland which originally formed in 2014 but had reformed the bands line up in 2018 after deciding they "wanted to take the band further".

The current members of Tradmarkd are:

Finlay Cardno - Bass,

Corey Finnie - Lead Guitar,

James Riddoch - Drums

Eddie Flinn - Vocals & Guitar

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We also had the opportunity to interview Tradmarkd through a written interview:

Who are the members of Tradmrkd?
The band is made up of 4 members: Finlay Cardno on bass, Corey Finnie on lead guitar, James Riddoch on drums and Eddie Flinn on vocals and guitar.

How & When did Tradmrkd form?
Eddie and Finlay were the original members of the band. They started it back in 2014 as a muck about between mates just wanting to play music. Come 2018, they decided they wanted to try to take the band further and in 2018 formed the current line-up. Corey was at the same school as Eddie and Finlay and was known through mutual friends. James went to the same college as Finlay.

Where was the first place Tradmrkd performed?
Our first gig was at a local pub called Harbour lights in Peterhead. The first gig we ever played was a 1-hour set. So, thrown in the deep end.

What inspired each of you to start music?
Both Finlay and Corey were inspired by Guns N Roses members, with Finlay being inspired by Duff McKagan and Corey was Slash. Eddie was heavily influenced by Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day. Ever since he was young James has always wanted to play drums. He never really had an inspiration, he just started using pots and pans as a kit and sometimes plates until he was 7 when he got his first drum kit.

Latest Tradmrkd Album or Single release
What’s the story behind the new song?
Pendulum is about being really clumsy through life and trying to do the right thing but always ending up making things even worse.

What inspired you to put together a new single & what it is all about?
Eddie was the one who wrote the song. The song is comprised of two simple chords and took all of 5 minutes to write. There was zero intention on sharing the song as Eddie felt that the song wasn’t good enough, but it was an instant hit on the rest of the lads.

Will you be touring to support the new album? If so, when?
There was a tour planned. However, due to covid-19, the plans fell through. Hopefully in the distant future a tour will be on the cards.

What is your song writing process?
As Eddie wrote most of the songs, his process is normally just playing his guitar in his room and coming across rifts and melodies. In the case of Pendulum, he came across the C7 chord and liked the sound of an F chord played alongside of it. The lyrics just fell into place after that.

Live Performances: Answered by Eddie
What’s your first thoughts when you get up on stage?
I’ve a bad habit of forgetting the start of our opening song, so its mainly, trying to remember how to start. I get to engaged with the crowd and lose my place.
Where was the first venue you played?
It was at Harbour Lights with the band. That was the first ever gig I played in my life.

What is your most memorable moment from any live performances?
Just the buzz and feeling of playing my first ever gig. It is almost like a drug; the feeling is unmatched.

Describe the atmosphere when you’re performing
Aberdeen has an amazing music scene and the fans are amazing. Every gig is an amazing experience.

What band would you like to perform with the most?
For me it would have to be Green Day. They are my biggest idols and to get to play with them would be a dream come true.

Will you be touring in the United Kingdom any time soon?
Not anytime soon unfortunately. Hopefully in the near future.

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