Ugly Clinic

About Ugly Clinic.
Who are the members of Ugly Clinic?
Pete - Guitar
Chloe - Vocals
Richard - Lead Guitar
Jed - Drums
Davie - Bass Guitar

How & When did Ugly Clinic form?
In late 2018 Ugly Clinic was formed.
Pete and Davie worked together previously in a Punk revival tribute band before forming Ugly Clinic. Richard and Jed joined the band shortly after, then Chloe completed the group.

Where was the first place Ugly Clinic performed?
Krakatoa Bar, Aberdeen.

What inspired each of you to start music?
Jed - “i’ve always have a big love for music with being brought up around it to developing my own style.”
Pete. ''Pick up a guitar, learn three chords and start a band''
Davie. "Seeing David Bowie on top of the pops"
Rich.- A few of my friends and myself started playing guitar at the same time and we all learned from one another, 18 years later and i'm still playing. 
Chloe. I used to sing as a kid. And played singstar etc..turns out I was pretty good! So, I discovered heavier music, which I enjoyed, and rolled with it.

Latest Ugly Clinic Album or Single release:
We have released 3 singles so far;
“Just So You Know”
“Pink Speed And Tequila”
and most recently,
“Hot Knife”.

1. What’s the story behind the new song? 
 “Hot Knife” is about someone Pete knew who always took things too far.

2. What inspired you to put together a new single & what it is all about? 
We think it was the right time for us to release “Hot Knife”.

3. Will you be touring to support the new album? If so, when?
We want to be touring as soon as lockdown has been lifted and the album had been released.

4. What is your song writing process?
When we write songs we tend to have separate ideas which we then bounce off each-other until we feel it’s right to record.

Live Performances
What’s your first thoughts when you get up on stage?
Jed - “my first thoughts when i get on stage are that i hope the show goes well and we can entertain our audience.”
Pete - It's generally one of two things - either ''Does my new shirt look cool?'' or ''I hope my trousers don't split''.
Davie -'what's going to go wrong tonight'
Chloe - Don't fuck it up. and if you do, laugh or you'll cry! Also, is my mic loud enough?!
Richard - Its go time!

Where was the first venue you played?
The first venue we played was Krakatoa in Aberdeen on the 19th of April in 2019.

What is your most memorable moment from any live performances?
Jed - My most memorable moment with Ugly Clinic is when we performed at Market Bar in Inverness. I was amazed at how small the venue was yet how good we sounded. The audience were fantastic!”
Pete - I agree with Jed. Playing live with Chloe on vocals for the first time was pretty special too.
Davie -The Cellar in Aberdeen the first time Chloe played there with us.
Chloe - most memorable moment, would be, the market bar also! It was such a small venue, i had to balance in huge boots squished up next to richard and davie, and were literally looming over the top of jed, the atmoshphere was amazing.
Richard - Like the rest, The Market bar gig in inverness was the most memorable for me for many reasons. It was the first time we'd played outside of Aberdeen, but also it was such a great vibe all night. Much love to the Inverness folks because they stuck with us all night from start to finish!

Describe the atmosphere when you’re performing
Jed - “The atmosphere is always buzzing when we perform together.”
Pete - We like to put on a good show. Total commitment from everyone. 
Davie -"I'm usually Angry about something going wrong, so aggressive will do, makes me play better"
Chloe - its genuinely usually nerves from me if I havent had enough beer beforehand, but the vibe I get from the guys is genuine happiness. And it puts me at ease. I love it. Everyone throws in their all.
Richard - I'm in my element! Playing live is what i've always wanted to do from the moment I started playing guitar so when we get up on stage there is nothing but pure enjoyment from me. We're like our own little family within the band so its a great feeling between us sharing a stage and playing the songs we've worked hard at putting together live. 

What band would you like to perform with the most?
Jed - “I wish i could have performed with early 80’s Motörhead. They knew how to put on a amazing show.”
Pete - “I wish i could have performed with the Clash in 1977 - it must have been so exciting - and a little bit dangerous, too.''
Davie -"Duran Duran at their height in the 80's,"
Chloe - I'd like to perform with ghost, royal republic, or stone sour. I cant choose just one!
Richard - Hands down AC/DC! Hit us up Angus, we'll happily support you!

Will you be touring in the United Kingdom any time soon?
Hopefully after the lockdown has lifted we will be able to tour.