Alien Feelings

Who are the members of Alien Feelings?
Hello we’re;
Josh Evans (Lead singer, rhythm guitar.)
Dale Lloyd (Drummer, backing singer) ,
Ryan Harrington (Lead guitar)
Tim Jones (Bass.) AKA Alien feelings.
How and when did Alien Feelings form?
We’re from a little village just outside of Wrexham in North Wales called Coedpoeth. Me (Josh) and Ryan met in school, he was the year below me but we hung out a lot in sixth form when we’d skip classes to go and smoke weed in a nearby wood we called, “The speck.”
I’ve known Dale for years back from when he used to host the open mic nights in the local pub when I first started playing. I met Tim through Dale. Ryan and Tim used to work in the same factory together also. So, we’ve all known each other or at least known of each other for years. We’re good friends and I think that authenticity shows in the music. We formed in 2019 after myself and Dale recorded a couple of demos together at his house, we invited the other two in and that was it.
Where was the first place Alien Feelings performed?
Our first gig was at a charity event in our local, the red lion Coedpoeth. It was a good night, we were comfortable because it was on our home turf and we had time to sink plenty of beers beforehand and get in the mood for some chaos.
What inspired each of you to start music?
Josh: I’ve never been a complete outcast or anything like that, but I have always been a little different to most people and I’ve been called “weird” a lot. I guess what I’m saying is, it’s always been there that creative spark and music was my instinctive outlet to express myself.
Dale: Just my love for it man, and wanting to discover how it was done if you get me
Ryan: I wanted to be able to play the songs that spoke to me
Tim: It clicked with the way I think.. the fabric of life intertwined with music and creation.. the thought process of creating great music is just that .. a thought... I wanted to get my hands on it...make it real. Feel it.
What’s the story behind the new song?
I’m going to assume that you’re talking about “Scream.” The single from our debut EP “Bondage and lipstick.” Which is available to stream everywhere *Wink wink. Nudge Nudge*
It’s got a couple of different meanings. On the one hand it’s just a bit of fun with words, once I had the opening line figured out I just kind of ran with my imagination and it’s this story of letting something or someone you love kill you in the most brutal ways possible and you find that you don’t care because it’s all you’ve ever wanted.
It came together lyrically very quickly. But away from the
narrative of what’s happening in the song, it was actually inspired by an ex neighbour of mine who took to Facebook one day and wrote something along the lines of “My talentless fucking neighbour all he can do is fucking scream”.
I remember this hurting me at the time, because it was the first time that I’d ever been called out about my music publicly, this was way before I ever started gigging or anything. I was amazed at all of these comments from people I didn’t even know laughing about me and agreeing at how shit I was. For a long time after that I didn’t feel comfortable playing in my bedroom anymore and I was ready to quit. It was one of those moments in the end though that I just ended up thinking fuck it and screaming through the wall “All I want to do is fucking scream.” Kind of like a fuck you, I’m gonna carry on.
It taught me a lesson though that not everyone is going to like your music and that’s okay. But what’s not okay, is taking to social media to make someone feel like shit about themselves.
What inspired you to put together a new [album or single] & what it is all about?
The EP is a small collection from my old acoustic set before the band formed. I wanted to start fresh and write all new material for Alien feelings, but having so many decent tunes that had never been recorded properly, played live with a band before and had never really been heard, it just seemed senseless to let the old songs go to waste. The songs that appear on the record were written a
couple of years ago when I was in my early twenties, the inspirations behind them vary but what they’ve all got in common is that they’re full of dissatisfaction for everyday life.
What is your song writing process?
I normally just sit around with my guitar playing chords or learning new ones and then I find a progression that I like and play it for hours playing around with different vocal melodies and choruses and stuff like that. By then I’ve normally got some idea or feeling of what kind of song it’s going to be and then I’ll either do the lyrics last or they’ll already done from some poetry or something that I’ve written.
What’s your first thoughts when you get up on stage?
Josh: The first thing I do on stage is look out at the audience and get a feel of how everyone’s vibing, then I tell myself that I’ve got this and that I want to do well.
Dale: I'm always buzzing man, Let's fuckin have it I think, let's tear the place a fucking new one
Ryan: If I'm driving : its fucking show time If I'm not : I think I've had one too many, which is probably adrenaline, booze and weed all mixed together
Tim: At first its . Holy fucking shit.. don't fuck up.. don't fuck up... .. after the first song that changes to fucking yes. We are smashing this. Then going with the flow like.
Where was the first venue you played?
Our biggest venue to date has got to be The Tivoli in Buckley, where we supported a David Bowie tribute band. It was great fun, we loved every second of it and their “Bowie” even said he loves the name of the band.
What is your most memorable moment from any live performances?
Someone got on stage with us once with a dildo, that was strange. It was at studio 2 in Liverpool. I don’t think that needs anymore context, he just kinda got on stage holding a dildo and swinging it around as we played.
Describe the atmosphere when you’re performing
It’s electric, everyone’s buzzing and there’s not a care in the world. We can’t wait to get back to gigging, we’re missing it so much!
What band would you like to perform with the most?
Josh: For me it’s got to be The Jesus and Mary chain, I’d love to support them and I think it would be a good fit.
Tim: Dead would be The doors.. just to ride the wave of psychedelic music afterward.. living would be arctic monkeys.. they don't give a fuck and I love that about them.
Ryan: Mines NOFX la, love the energy, the circle pits and the no fucks given approach to song writing
Dale: Fontains DC. Would just be a mad show like
Will you be touring in the United Kingdom any time soon?
Due to the pandemic we can’t say when we’ll be touring, but all we can say is that we’re ready for when the time comes and we cannot wait. In the mean time follow our socials to stay up to date and listen to the EP. It’s going to be wild once we’re back, because we’re just going to give it everything and take none of it for granted!