Who are the members of Blackjack Love?
Azza : Vocals/Lead Guitar/Guitars
Brother Nick : Guitars/Vocals
Brother Sam : Bass/Vocals
Matt Wonder : Drums/Percussion/Vocals
How & When did Blackjack Love form?
(Azza): Blackjack Love has been around for a few years now, originally it was just me. I bumped into Matt in a boozer one day & I mentioned I needed to get a band together. It went from there. Sam was found in the streets with empty bottles of Jack around him. Nick just appeared & started hanging around the studio.
(Nick): I got a call from Pete Carver saying his lad was in a band & needed a rhythm guitarist. He knows his stuff so it was a yes before I even listened to any tracks.
Where was the first place Blackjack Love performed?
(Azza) : The first place I performed some of the tracks when I was on my own was Pappy & Harriets in Joshua Tree. As a whole band, this cool bar in Reading. Was a great night.
What inspired each of you to start music?
(Azza) : My uncle was my biggest influence in music. I used to go to record shops with him as a kid. He used to make me tapes of all different music, The Clash, Curtis Mayfield, The Damned, Rage Against The Machine, Booker T & The MG’s. All sorts really. But the first song that made me wanna play guitar is Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. I remember being a kid & watching the video.
(Brother Nick) : I heard the opening lick to Boom Boom Boom from John Lee Hooker & that was it.
(Brother Sam) : Duff Mackagen because when I was 14 there was nobody cooler.
(Matt Wonder) : Listening to bands like The Who, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones. All that music made me wanna play.
What’s the story behind the new song?
(Azza) : It’s kind of about getting all your ducks in a row before leaving the past behind. Somebody was helping me through a bad time when I wrote it. Took me like 25 minutes & that was is. Song done.
What inspired you to put together a new single & what it is all about?
(Azza) : We signed with Ville (The Animal Farm) & we needed 3 new singles, so that pretty much inspired me to write some new material! I made our album ‘Bullets & Blues’ a year or two beforehand. That’s loosely a concept album about a bank robber / Jesse James kinda bloke. He finds a woman & she joins him on his Robin Hood venture. Then it goes wrong.
Will you be touring to support the album? If so, when?
(Azza) : We hope so! It’s all a bit up in the air at the minute so fuck knows what’s going to happen just yet.
(Matt) : Yea we hope so. We wanna get back out there.
What is your song writing process?
(Azza) : I usually start with by noodling on an acoustic guitar. I use a lot of weird/open tunings & just jam shit out. Then I’ll put random words together to decide on a melody & it all falls from there really.
What’s your first thoughts when you get up on stage?
(Azza) : What the fuck am I doing? Hahahaha. Na usually the first thing going through my mind is “I hope this crowd is gonna dig this”.
Where was the first venue you played?
(Azza) : The Crown in Woking.
(Matt) : The White Lion in Worplesdon.
(Nick) : Yea same as Matt.
(Sam) : The West End Centre in Aldershot for me.
What is your most memorable moment from any live performances?
(Azza) : Lead singer of my old band stamping on the extension lead by accident & killing the power will be something I never forget.
Describe the atmosphere when you’re performing?
(Nick) : It’s just Blackjack Love, get your dancing shoes on & deal with it.
(Matt) : Yea pretty buzzing, we don’t fuck about.
What band would you like to perform with the most?
(Nick) : The Stones, Foo Fighters & Rick Astley.
(Azza) : Queens of The Stone Age or maybe The Arctic Monkeys. The Black Keys too would be quality.
Will you be touring in the United Kingdom any time soon?
(Azza) : Hopefully, depends if there’s a world / UK left to tour eh?