About Chaoseum 

CHAOSEUM creates an energetic music in a modern metalcore style. A polyvalent voice adds personality and another aspect to the songs. The musicians custom makeup as well as the theatrical side of their show captivates the public.The band was founded in 2018 by Loic Duruz and Valery Veings, both former guitarists of the symphonic metal band ELFERYA. Their first album“FirstStep To Hell” containing 11 songs was released in September of the same year with Lola van Lo as the singer and Greg Turini as the drummer,both former ELFERYA musicians as well. This album was recorded at the Chaos Studio and mixed by Izakar at theFull Metal Studio. The artwork was entrusted with Gustavo Sazes.In February 2019, CHAOSEUM joined SOULFLY in the USA for a tour of seven concerts on the east coast. Afterwards, back in Switzerland, the singer left the band which then asked CK Smile to join them. The song “FirstStep To Hell” was subsequently re recorded.A limited-edition Live album was recorded at the band’s second concert withCK as a frontman. It was released under the name “Live In Hell–Les DocksLausanne 2019”.In September of 2019,the band joined TARJA (Ex-NIGHTWISH) for a tour inRussia. It had a considerable success

with Russian metal fans.Representing the Xvive brand, CHAOSEUM went to Los Angeles in order to perform at the Namm-the largest music trade show. There, the band also took the opportunity to play at the legendary Whisky a Go Go.A few weeks later, the foursome released the first single “Into My Split” from their next album.The album named “Second 

Life” was released on September 25th, 2020. It is recorded at both the Chaos Studio and the Conatus Studio. Gwen Kerjan from the Slab Sound Studio is in charge of the mix, and as always,Gustavo Sazestakes care of the artwork.Due to Covid-19, the European tour with FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE is unfortunately postponed until October 2021. 

« Welcome to the museum of Chaos» 

Who are the members of Chaoseum? 

CK Smile: vocals 

Greg Turini: drums 

Loïc Duruz: guitars 

Valery Veings: guitars 

How & When did Chaoseum form? 

Loïc and I (Valery) found this band in 2018.We ask Greg to join us. In February 2019 we changed our singer for CK. 

Where was the first place Chaoseum performed? 

That was in Yverdon, Switzerland at «Les Citrons Masqués» in October 2018.

What inspired each of you to start music? 

I personally star learning guitar whenI was 15. I saw Iron Maiden many times on my tv screen. Their guitar solos were a strong motivation for me. 

Latest Chaoseum Album or Single release: 

What’s the story behind the new song? 

When you are able to kill your love because you want to be the only one who can love her.

What inspired you to put together a new album & what it is all about? 

We have a new male singer now and it’s really different with him. We wanted to make a new album with our new voice quickly. This one is inspired by bands like Trivium, Korn, Slipknot... all songs talk about a second life in different situations. 

Will you be touring to support the new album? If so, when? 

We have some gigs in Switzerland until the end of 2020. Our European tour with Fleshgod Apocalypse was postponed to October 2021 due to COVID-19.

What is your song writing process? 

Loïc and CK write the main part. Greg and I put our personal touch during the recording.The lyrics come from CK and I. 

Live Performances 

What’s your first thoughts when you get up on stage? 

Just impatient. The stage is my first motivation. 

Where was the first venue you played? 

In Yverdon, Switzerland at «Les citrons masqués» 

What is your most memorable moment from any live performances? Describe the atmosphere when you’re performing 

At Les Docks, Lausanne. It’s a really nice venue and the ambiance was great. We recorded a live album during this show. 

What band would you like to perform with the most? 

In comparison with our musical style, Korn. But my dream would be Iron Maiden.

Will you be touring in the United Kingdom any time soon? 

Nothing planned but I hope that will be there in 2021. It’s still confusing to organize something during this covid’s period.