InVisions is a metal core band from York, United Kingdom and was founded in 2016.

Current Line Up:

Ben Ville - Vocals

Alex Scott - Guitar

Lucas Gabb - Guitar

Josh Hardy - Drums



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 *We are yet to collaborate with InVisions with merchandise*

Review by Kris Fogg - Gold Blooded

Invisions are one of the best up and coming metalcore bands in the uk right now, they are consistently ripping stages and venues across the country (outside of lockdown that is). They are climbing the bill to headline status and the future has never looked brighter than it does right now for these boys. 

Releasing their new single and a confirmation we will have a new album sometime soon invisions dropped not only one of their strongest singles to date but also arguably the best music video for it to boot.  Gold blooded is a song about having those people constantly trying to grind you down and tell you you're not worth shit. 

With heavy brutal riffs, vocals and a breakdown that would make your nan cry this song has all you would expect from invisions at this stage, lyrically they have their tongue in cheek witticisms mixed in with the deep cutting truth telling lines. 

If you haven’t checked this track out yet then you are doing everything wrong because these boys are taking over and they have proved they are not looking to slow down anytime soon. 

Having signed to stay sick records and moving up that ladder with exposure and high profile shows there is no argument these boys are always going to #TURNUP