If you wanna go on a electro trip, sail away in a Pop/Rock boat to travel the world, you should meet Reaven. 4 strong identities, 4 guys who met along the way leading to a pop-rock universe colored with a provocative electro touch. Reaven is the story of 4 friends who started making music together in the school playground. 

In 2018/2019, they went on a european tour over 10 countries and more than 50 concerts. They’re back on the road in 2020/2021, with a new album, a new show and a new tour! The “FOR TOMORROW TOUR”! 

Dive into their world and embark with them! Their new album “For Tomorrow” will be released in 2020. 

Band Members:

Roméo (Lead Vocalist/Guitarist)

Vince: (Drummer/Back Vocals)

François: (Keyboards/Back Vocals)

Rudy: (Bassist/Back Vocals)


About Reaven

Who are the members of Reaven? 

“I am Romeo (Lead-singer & guitarist of Reaven). You’ll find Vince (drums & back vocals) &  Rudy (Bass & back vocals) & François (Keyboards & back vocals)

How & When did Reaven form? 

““It’s a long story of love ahah, but to cut it short, we started to make music together at school, years ago. It began with concerts in our hometown for Vince (drummer of the band) and I (Lead-singer / Guitarist of the band). But we always wanted to tour everywhere. And this is where our 1st european tours arrived in our story… Before the US tour we were supposed to give in 2020”

Where was the first place Reaven performed? 

“I guess it was in our hometown (a city called Troyes). In a concert place called “La Chapelle Argence”.”

What inspired each of you to start music? 

“I think we’ve been all growing with music. It has always been a part of our daily lives. Vince and I for example, we were in a special class in high school where you practice music 2 afternoons a week. Also, our musical background (from the 60’s, The Beatles etc…) was a huge inspiration.

Latest Reaven Single release: 

What’s the story behind the new song?

"Our last single was released in may 2020. It’s called “Escape”.The song was created during the quarantine, in the middle of the night. We wanted to express through music and this (homemade) video the struggle we are all living these days. For some people, it is a physical struggle, the fact of being locked up in small spaces.

For others, it’s a psychological fight. We all need to escape a bit the reality from time to time. Especially when the daily life is getting complicated. This song reflects what we feel during this period.

Tough moments, good moments. But above all, we will never stop believing that there will be brighter days. We’re all together in the same boat. And sooner or later, we will all escape this rough time together.”

What inspired you to put together a new single & what it is all about? 

“The complicated situation inspired me. The fact of being locked up. To live this crazy period. It was all about the feelings we all experienced.”

Will you be touring to support the new album? If so, when? 

“Yes of course, as soon as we can go back on the road. I think more likely in 2021 if everything is getting better...crossed fingers.”

What is your song writing process? 

“I don’t have a precise creative process to create music. Most of the time, it comes to my mind out of nowhere. Days, and nights. I have a melody in my head or the instrumental parts, sometimes both. So I take my piano or my guitar and I start playing it. Inspiration is everywhere for me. In my feelings, in my observation of the world or society, in the past, in my memories. Or just when I see something that inspires me at one moment.”

Live Performances 

What’s your first thoughts when you get up on stage? 

“I think it’s something like “give all you got” or “enjoy it as much as you can!””

Where was the first venue you played? 

“The very first one was when I was 14 years old. It was in a friend’s barn, the audience was only friends and family. A very good memory.”

What is your most memorable moment from any live performances? 

“I guess one of the most memorable moment would be when we were headlining the 2nd stage of the Hills of Rock in Bulgaria. It was really amazing.”

Describe the atmosphere when you’re performing 

“We have a very special atmosphere in our shows. I love to interact with the audience, to make people sing etc.. I guess it’s all about a “good vibes only” atmosphere!”

What band would you like to perform with the most? 

“I would say Paul McCartney or Coldplay.”

Will you be touring in the United Kingdom any time soon? 

“We really hope so! We had a lovely time when we played in London last time! So let’s hope next year we will come back!!”