Schultz is a Electro Industrial Metal band forming in 2002 in the french town of Nice. The band is a solo project that really took of in 2006 when Vocalist Franz Schultz joined VDREY who is an extremely talented painter and on-stage performer in her own right. She was looking for a musician to perform with, and Franz was the chosen one.



  • Who are the members of SCHULTZ?

Franz : We are 3 members, Sandy Dynamite who sings and dance during the live shows, Guitarfox who sings and play guitar, and to finish, me, Franz, I sing and create all the electronics stuff in the band. We come from the French Riviera and we are ready to destroy your brain with our crazy music….

  • How & When did SCHULTZ form?

Franz : SCHULTZ is a solo project born in 2002 in South of France. It became a duo with the female performer VDREY during several years and a real band since 2018 with the arrival of Guitarfox (Guitar and vocals) and Sandy Dynamite (Live dance performance and vocals).

Guitarfox : Franz asked us to join him as a backing band for one gig at the Industrial Music Fest in Cannes (French Riviera) in 2017. It was meant to be a one shot, but it went well… So Sandy and I are still in the project today.

  • Where was the first place SCHULTZ performed? 

Franz :The very first place where SCHULTZ performed as a solo project was a strip club here in Nice, France. And later as a band, Guitarfox just answered.

  • What inspired each of you to start music? 

Franz : Money, free sex and free beer… More seriously, when I bought my first guitar… (you need to know I'm a fucking bad guitar player), but it was a revelation ! Since I have try several intruments and finally have choosed keyboead and electronics stuff.

Guitarfox : When I was a child, I remember my father had an album by Irish guitarist Rory Ghalager "Against The Grain", the cover was a close-up of his old dirty and worn Stratocaster, I thought it was so beautiful... I thought to myself that it was the instrument I want to play.

Latest SCHULTZ Album or Single release: 

  1. What’s the story behind the new song?
  2. What inspired you to put together a new album & what it is all about? 

Franz:The first extract from the new album “Black Magic Party”  is called” Rats in the sewers” written by Guitarfox so only him can explain it…

Guitarfox : During the great conflagration of the Rainforest in august 2019, I wrote the song Rats In The Sewers. At this time I really thought humanity was over, and from then, we would  all be just like super-rats fighting each other for their lives. That was the real kickstarting for the writing of this new album. The satanic theme went after that, Not because we believe in Satan – We don’t ! – but more as a symbol of effective anarchy, not as an utopia. You have to live regretless and repentless if you want to survive in this sick sad world. You have to get rid of that sick thing Nietzsche called the Moraline : all these things society builds around you to keep looking at you and your acts to judge you and make you live in permanent guilt… 

  1. Will you be touring to support the new album? If so, when?

Franz : Yes , when we will get rid of this f***ing coronavirus… hope very soon, so we could play live again ! 

Guitarfox : We’ll see later, but we keep on faithing

  1. What is your song writing process? 

Franz : We have no real process, when a member has an idea, we talk about it together and if everybody agrees, we work on it. Usually I do the beat and synth parts, but this time I also wrote the lyrics for two tracks : Black out, and Devil Inside Me.

Guitarfox : Franz sends me his instrumentals, I put the guitar parts on it, and if it inspires me some lyrics, let’s go then ! In fact we’re just fed by the need to create music and play, as musicians. 

Live Performances 

  • What’s your first thoughts when you get up on stage?

Franz :Holy shit…I need to piss….

Guitarfox : Okay ! Showtime ! Let’s rock ! 

  • Where was the first venue you played?

Franz : With my past bands, when I was 16…I can’t remind, I drank too much beer and smoked too much weed since this time to remind it !

Guitarfox : The cinema hall for the talent show of my High School. I was so hot that I forgot that we were not allowed to say rude words ! A real disaster. LOL

  • What is your most memorable moment from any live performances? 

Franz : I will give you a Noel Gallagher like answer's  style : « All our performance are memorable »

Guitarfox : Opening for Ludwig Von 88 (a french punk band of the 80’s.) As a teenage punk who grew up, it was like a teenage dream came true !

  • Describe the atmosphere when you’re performing

Franz : We do our best to give a crazy atmosphere. 3 fucking frenchies who play fucking good industrial metal….You want a big slap on your little  butt ? Listen our new album Black Magic Party !.

Guitarfox : It feels great ! A real shot of adrénaline !

  • What band would you like to perform with the most?

Franz : I have no real preference, but I’m totally crazy about Rammstein (I'm listening to it actually during I'm answering you) .

Guitarfox : Any of the Industrial Metal legends who preceded us : Ministry, Revco, KMFDM, Lords Of Acid, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult… Would be great !

  • Will you be touring in the United Kingdom any time soon? 

Franz : We are looking for gigs for the next months, so if somebody wants to bring us to the United Kingdom, we are ready !

Guitarfox : Why not ? I heard that the English were making very good wine now, due to global warming… LOL