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                                             ●    Who are the members of Sentinel Complex?
Sentinel Complex comprises solely of Jamie Everett and Joshua Grayson  

                                               ●    How & When did Sentinel Complex form?  
Well we met sometime around 2012 and we started making some music together 2014, but we weren’t really a band until we re-branded in 2016 to what we now know as Sentinel Complex. We started out doing music and sfx for random indie game and film projects and slowly got a grip for things, and then eventually just said “we could do this for a band you know” to each other and now we are here!

                                     ●    Where was the first place Sentinel Complex performed?  
Currently we havent actually played any live shows, but we are working out the logistics of playing live so we can get going with it hopefully in the near future! 

                                            ●    What inspired each of you to start music?  
Jamie: I grew up in a family of musical people and have just always been around it, so I was sure to get into music at some point! It was when I watched a friend of mine play his guitar when I was about 8 that really got me wanting to do music myself though, and since then it has just been a big part of my life. When I started actually studying music though, I found myself deep in the rabbit hole of recording, mixing and learning to play other instruments. 

Josh: My earliest memory of music in my life would have to be sitting in my nan’s living room in oxford with my uncle. He had MTV2 on when Marilyn Manson’s video for Dope Show came on and I was transfixed by the sounds and imagery. I have always seen myself as an artistic type, always playing around with media. I looked up to people like Clown (from Slipknot) and Manson, and due to following artists like them for years, music became to me like painting time with sound.


                                  Latest Sentinel Complex Album or Single release:  Demise Of The Faithful

                                         1.   What’s the story behind the new song?  
Demise of the Faithful is our take on the Book of Revelation as well as other myths and end time texts. If only we had known how fitting the song would be now with the current situation. We can see this lock down changing a lot of perspectives for artists, so maybe by the end of this year you'll pick up on how we were feeling during this time, but we sort of already came into this year with a lot of inspiration from end times mythology. If anything, this whole situation globally has strengthened some of the themes we will play on with these songs.

            2.   What inspired you to put together a new single & what it is all about?  
Basically we are just writing whatever ideas come to mind as they appear and then develop them one by one. We are having a good amount of new ideas since we are stuck inside so now is a great time to get productive with writing.

                          3.    Will you be touring to support the new album?  If so, when?  
If we were going to do a tour it would be when we eventually collate all of our singles into one album towards the end of the year or around 2021 if we end up releasing more than we plan curently.

                                           4.   What is your song writing process?  
Jamie: When it comes to the process, we both do all of the writing and it usually goes the way of one of us will have an idea which will then be brought to the other, and then we’ll both sit down and see where we want the idea to go. At some point I’ll usually sit down with the end result and take it as far as I can go with it. Eventually we’ll end up with the final which we are both happy with, and we won’t release anything until we are both completely satisfied with it! 


                                                           Live Performances  

                               ●   What’s your first thoughts when you get up on stage?  
Josh: I haven't actually performed live before so I'll leave these questions to Jamie.

Jamie: Honestly the first few times I ever performed live with some of the other bands I've been in, I never really got a load of nerves. The first time I was pretty nervous but once I actually got on stage, all of those nerves just turned into "oh man this is dope! and it's been that way ever since!

                                         ●    Where was the first venue you played?   
Jamie: I think the first venue I ever played at publically was either a bar called Chaplins or a Pub called the Shah of Persia which are both pretty local to Bournemouth where we are based. It's one of those two but this was about 7 years ago so the time line is a little fuzzy! 

                    ●    What is your most memorable moment from any live performances?  
Probably the time when we saw Machine Head a couple of years ago and some guy literally almost died! Seriously the whole show had to be stopped for an hour or so because the guy was knocked completely unconscious by an idiot crowdkiller. He ended up being alright though in the end! 

                                 ●    Describe the atmosphere when you’re performing  
When we do eventually get on stage, we really want to bring a cinematic approach to the live shows. We'd love to bring some crazy visuals, maybe some stage set pieces to go with the lore we implement in our songs, that sort of thing!

                               ●    What band would you like to perform with the most?  
To be honest there are many bands that come to mind, we would love to play with bands like Cypecore, Fear Factory, Periphery and The Anix. Electronic arists Swarm and 1788-L would be blasts to play live with too!

                           ●    Will you be touring in the United Kingdom any time soon?  
This goes back to our other answer, definitely some day! Once we have established our sound fully and have the necessary gear, it'll definitely be on the table.

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Sentinel Complex is the brainchild of Jamie Everett and Joshua Grayson, combining our shared love of everything dystopian, cyberpunk and industrial. The music we create is an amalgamation of hard-hitting drum beats, heavy riffs and adrenaline fueled metal, combined with a cinematic flair giving our music the unique characteristic that only Sentinel Complex possess. 
“Fusing traditional orchestral sound with modern electronic elements into an aggressive rock/metal mix, Sentinel Complex has truly captured the sound of the singularity to come.
With their work featured in both film and video game media, Sentinel Complex aims to break down the walls and bring together all forms of media into one shared universe.”
Enter the gateway, and join us on the crossing.