Hey Shawty, it's our birthday.

Thank you for 4 AWESOME years!

Here's a message from founder Scott O'Shea:

Rock Lifestyle UK began on March 1st 2019, originally as an online news website. However, after a few weeks I realised how many upcoming artists there where around the world after being contacted by a band called Edge of Paradise about their then upcoming album 'Universe' and was given the opportunity to interview them on our platform. I remember feeling so excited that I was being given a chance to interview a band, even though the band wasn't huge, I felt like I was speaking to some extraordinary people, and I was. The way I see it anyone that creates music is an extraordinary person, it takes talent & skill to put good quality music together and you must have a passion and a creative mind to create something unique. That's what I find extraordinary, because I myself have tried doing it and there's so much you need to learn (whether that be through experience or further education) to do it right and to appeal to an audience.

From that point onwards I decided Rock Lifestyle UK was going to become a news & reviews site, more focusing on the reviews side of things and reaching out to upcoming artists around the world to help promote their music the best way I could. I love coming across new music and sharing it with everyone, as you never know, I could come across a new favourite band, I could be introducing it to someone who becomes a superfan of them or who knows, I could be introducing this band to a record label or artist management that could help push their careers even further.

Before I started Rock Lifestyle UK I had absolutely no experience in journalism or even in the music industry. Everything I write are my own thoughts and I heavily research information about the industry before I speak about it. I also ensure that RLUK is transparent about everything we do and we do this in our monthly updates so people know exactly what's going on, as without our audience we wouldn't be here.

I've learnt so much since starting this platform and although it may not be as big as the likes of Kerrang! or Loudwire, I feel it does make some sort of difference to what people are used to. I don't want RLUK to become an industry machine that is told what to say and only focuses on the money or the amount of views, I want it to be a place people can trust & visit to discover incredible new music. Even if I did start receiving funds for this platform, every penny would go back into it to find new ways of promoting artists, no matter how big or small. That's what it's all about.

I want to say a massive thank you to all those that have continued to support Rock Lifestyle UK over the years. It's been a very rocky road, from having battles with mental health, to life getting in the way and the huge impacts of COVID-19, that we all had to fight against, bought RLUK to a close in 2021. We are a very small team, 1 writer, 1 designer and 1 marketing head, which means every now and again we will be a little quiet as sometimes life gets in the way, but we hope to change that in 2022 and we hope that you all continue to stick by us and give us feedback to help us make this platform better.

Thank you for 4 awesome years.

Special thanks to:

All of our PR partners, bands & supporters around the world, especially Edge of Paradise for introducing me to a world that I may have never discovered on my own. THANK YOU!

Side note: Our March 2022 update will be released in the next week or so, so stay tuned!

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