Hellblind have released their debut single 'Hitched' on 11th March 2022 plucked from their upcoming debut EP 'A Plague On All Your Houses' which is set to be released on 23rd March 2022 via Revenger Records.

Hellblind formed in 2021 by long-term collaborators Mark Clayden (Pitchshifter) and Paul Fletcher (Romeo Must Die).According to Jade Perry of Memphia Management they came together 'due to their mutual frustrations with lockdowns and cancelled shows with the desire to conjure up the heaviest music either had ever written'.

The band now comprises of members:

Adam Frakes-Sime (Stampin' Ground) - Vocals

Mark Clayden (Pitchshifter) - Bass

Paul Fletcher (This Is Menace) - Guitar

Charley Olsen (Outside the Coma) - Guitar

Will Romain (Romeo Must Die) - Drums

Vocalist Adam Frakes-Sime spoke to Jade Perry about their brand new single 'Hitched'

"Hitched is about the show build of resentment within a marriage gone bad. The slow unravelling of respect for one another as the constant unwinnable battle wages, amid the feeling of loss of one's true self to another" - Adam Frakes-Sime (Vocalist)

So, let's see how it's all come together shall we?

First Impressions

From the first hit of the drum I wasn't quite sure if this track was going to be a fast/heavy track, but it was teasing me and blasted my ears with those beautiful soul-crushing guitars & vocals. From that moment, I was hooked and imagining this track being performed live, it'll have the crowd going wild!


This track really gives me Gojira vibes, almost as if they met up with God Smack and decided to have a metal baby. The track is basically one big breakdown, smacking you in the face with those death-beating drums, soul crushing vocals, soul catching guitars and enough bass to trigger a radioactive meltdown, it really is a thing of beauty and something in me says that this track is only a teaser of what's to come with the new EP.

Now usually I would say, I cannot believe this track is the bands debut single. However, with the combined experience with each member this exactly what you'd expect from such awesome & legendary musicians, in fact they've produced even better than I originally expected when I was first told about this project a few weeks ago.

There is one thing I have to ask, is Hellblind a permanent band or is it a one off collaboration? I really hope that this group stay together and release more incredible tracks like this one. Of course we've got the debut EP 'A Plague On All Your Houses' being released at the end of this month, so I suspect it'll be looking at how successful that release is, which I expect it to have a huge positive reaction within the metal community.

Bring me more HELLBLIND!

The Final Score

"Do you like your face? Well tough luck, once you've listened to Hellblind you'll need to be finding a replacement, it'll be melted off with the fire that this band is putting out!" - Rock Lifestyle UK

The Rating: 10/10

You can stream the new single 'Hitched' on all major streaming platforms.

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