InVisions, the soon to be York titans, have released their brand new album 'Deadlock' on 11th February 2022 and is available on all streaming platforms. Although, we recommend grabbing yourself a physical copy here -> Click Here <-

Before we dive into this review, we at Rock Lifestyle UK just wanted to say how proud we are of InVisions on how far they have come. These guys have put their heart & soul into everything they do and are very much on their way to smashing up the stage with some of the biggest names in the industry. So, without further ado, I would like to show you why this album is f*cking amazing.

First Impressions

The Deadlock album begins with one of the most filthy tastiest tracks on the album 'The 669' and I just wanna say, if The 669 is a club, I want in. It starts off with an eerily entrance and then explodes with those incredible demonic vocals, and the instrumentals hit you enough to send you straight down to hell to join the real party where they're playing 'Amour' which is another hell-defining track on the album.

I am fully aware InVisions aren't all about demons and devils, but I'm sorry but they must've won a similar battle to Tenacious D to achieve those insane vocals.

The 'Deadlock' Album

In our previous article for the bands title single release, I said how the album is going to be 'Spectacular' and that their will be a 'mega-track' hidden within and I was somewhat correct, the only difference is is that every track is mega, each track has it's own reasons for being just purely incredible, although I do have to say my most favourite track on the album is between DVPE and Amour.

From the quality of the recordings to the actual production of the tracks, it shows how much blood, sweat, tears & demonic rituals these guys have put in to achieve their goal for 'Deadlock'. InVisions are no longer a small band, these guys are blowing up with every release, and too right they should be, but the quality of this album is the kind of quality you would expect from a huge production band, such as Motionless in White, but these guys clearly know exactly what they want and they know to achieve that goal, they're giving everything they've got and it sounds absolutely spectacular.

So, who would we say would be fans of this album? We believe this album draws inspiration from the likes of While She Sleeps, Asking Alexandria (The Black) with a hint of Bury Tomorrow. Despite these influences though, these guys have developed their own sound and even though you might hear some influences, the sound they produce is InVisions, standing out from the rest.

The Final Score

As I said before, yes I am an InVisions fan-boy, but guess what, you should be too!

In all honesty, this album truly is incredible and I think no matter what bands you know and love, you will fall in love with this album. Now, where do we sign up for The 669 club?

How many skulls out of 10?

10/10 💀 - "The best album release of 2022, a possible career defining release."

You can listen to the new album by clicking here, but we recommend purchasing a physical copy by clicking here.

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