It's been a while, since we last saw you.

Well, well, well, well, well, well, well, look who it is. Back again for more are you!?

I cannot believe that I am writing yet another 'Welcome Back' post for Rock Lifestyle. Myself and the team have been on an insane rollercoaster since we sprung up on the interwebs and it's taken us a little while to get things put back together.

So, what happened? I hear you asking.

In March 2022 we revealed that Rock Lifestyle would be merging into The Odd House as a free to download digital magazine, we would not only be helping get artists music out there but the plan was to also help support them financially the best we could.

However, due to the mixed impacts of COVID-10, Brexit, the UK's cost of living crisis and the tragic devastation that Ukraine is currently experiencing, we found that it would not be the right move whatsoever due to all sorts of complications, ranging from logistics to simply affordability for both us as a business and potential customers.

With all that happening, we made the decision to pull the project and bring Rock Lifestyle back to the internet whilst still continuing the free to download magazine which will feature exclusive content such as interviews, posters, news & reviews.

We have no set date for Issue 3's release, however, we can tell you it's going to be EPIC! but what I can tell you is that from 26/06/2022 we will be releasing new articles directly from our website and oh boy have we got some awesomeness to get reviewing!

That's basically all that's happened, unfortunately, sometimes things don't go to plan and you just gotta take a few steps back and re-evaluate the situation. Rock Lifestyle is here to stay and from this point onwards we will not be making any mergers or have any plans of closing down the platform.

We are dedicated to supporting the artists we work with and our community, and for that to happen we need to keep on truckin'!

Thank you all for your continued support, it really means alot to us.

See you all soon!

~ The Rock Lifestyle Team.

Written by: Scott O'Shea (Chief Editor)

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