Worcester Rock Trio, Zilch, released a brand new single 'Misgiven' accompanied with a music video on 21st January 2022.

Today we are introducing you to a rock trio from Worcester, England, forming in 2018 and consisting of Thom Dewhurst (Vocals/Guitar), Cal Neathway (Bass) and Crag Sharpe (Drums). ZILCH gather their influences from the likes of Slipknot, David Bowie and The Beatles, packaging them all into one noisy package.

Vocalist Thom Dewhurst elaborated about the new track 'Misgiven':

The recording process was really easy, we got it done in about a day. I think everyone who hears it will read into it differently. It's a pop bopper with heavy overtones and all too familiar subjects of anxiety and doubt.”

First Impressions

Brilliant and very catchy. The first couple of seconds I wasn't 100% sure I was going to enjoy this track, but then the guitars & drums kicked in and it all made sense, it had me singing along just after the first chorus, it's a track that you can easily learn the lyrics to and blast in your car.

The comparisons to other artists.

When we got sent this track it said that the bands "most apparent comparisons sit with Mudhoney, Alice in Chains, Queens of the Stone Age, Nirvana and Violent Soho" and I can definitely hear exactly what they're saying, but for me it's more like if Nirvana and QOSTA merged together to make one awesome rock trio, ZILCH is what it would've sounded like, and honestly I love it.

Going through the bands discography, mostly the bands 2020 debut EP 'Cigars & Diazepam' you can certainly tell this band knows exactly what they're doing and know exactly what they want to achieve, and they're already on their way to achieving it. Releasing a debut EP in the middle of a pandemic is a big risk for a lot of artists as they wouldn't be able to tour with it how they'd like, however, it seems to have paid off for ZILCH, gaining over 450 likes on Facebook alone is pretty good for band that formed in 2018 and have only recently released their first EP. Once venues are able to get back up and running again properly and with proper marketing plans, I'm sure ZILCH will plow through the music scene like no tomorrow.

The Final Score

10/10 💀 "'Misgiven' is one of my favourite tracks so far this year and has already been added to our personal playlists, MORE PLEASE!"

ZILCH have already got a series of shows coming up and even a brand new record on the way this year.

Listen to Misgiven now:

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